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Solange honors her inspiration "Junie" Morrison following his death

"The greatest lesson I learned about him is that the magic was endless."

Artist // Twitter

If was only four months ago that Solange re-introduced Walter "Junie" Morrison to the unfamiliar masses via her aptly-titled and funky "Junie" track on A Seat at the Table.

But yesterday news broke that the founder of the legendary Ohio Players and musical director of George Clinton's Parliament Funkadelic had passed away at the age of 62.

After the album's release, Morrison told The FADER about being Solange's inspiration:

"I was a bit taken aback by the surprise but very appreciative that she wanted to put time and energy into creating it. She indicated that she had written a song around my vibe and inspiration....Suffice it to say, I was like, WHAAAT???!!!...My initial reaction to hearing the song itself was the same as I had while listening to the rest of 'A Seat At The Table'—Wow! This young person has a whole funk load of talent. It’s all good."

Upon hearing the news of his death, Solo took to her curated Saint Heron site to pay tribute to the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist again, writing:

"It’s the last song that made it onto 'A Seat at the Table' and the one I feel the closest to today. I wrote the song to honor the brilliant Junie Morrison and the impact his work and story had on me, while wanting to challenge my own relationship with 'sharing your magic.' The more I learned about Junie, the more I learned how much of his gift he shared through his musical contributions to others; how we have all in some way or another been touched by his contributions to funk music, and about his wealth of inspiration to other musicians. The more he came up, the more I heard the words underrated and under-credited. But the greatest lesson I learned about Junie Mo[r]rison is that the magic was endless….and the truest testament to real authentic magic….is that it can’t be made….. it just is. When that kind of magic exists, it will happen again and again, no matter what the potion of players are. He had it in his hands. He was very appreciated. He was the 'Super Spirit' indeed."

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