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Cam’ron responds to Jim Jones saying a bad joke ruined their friendship

“I was dead wrong for this. This is where everything went totally downhill.”

Phil Knott // Phil Knott/Corbis

Cam’ron has a very distinct view of The Diplomat infrastructure and history: “We all built this Diplomat building, but I owned the land. You can’t build a building if you don’t own the land.”

Last night (February 11), Cam’ron responded to Jim Jones’ recent, highly talked about, tell-all interview with Funkmaster Flex during which Jim told his version of the history of Dipset—good and bad. Cam had his say on his Instagram Live page. He started off dancing to R. Kelly’s “Happy People” with his girlfriend JuJu then, for almost three hours, Killa sat at his table in his Florida residence wearing a bathrobe and t-shirt, sipping on a Pepsi, and calmly gave his account of his 20-year-plus relationship with Jones.

“The reason I’m doing this is because Jim Jones did an interview with Funkmaster Flex after he signed with Roc Nation and he basically was trying make me look like a bad guy which I’m not. I don’t mind being a bad guy when I am. No problem being a bad guy but, in this particular case, I’m not.”

Cam then congratulated Jim on his new deal and said he didn’t have any hard feelings towards his longtime Dipset member Capo.

Killa went through his own personal and career history before addressing when he and Jim’s relationship took a serious turn for the worse that has never fully healed. Surprisingly, it was over a joke that went left.

“I was dead wrong for this, I was dead f--king wrong. This is where everything went totally downhill,” Cam said.

Cam recounted that he and Jim used to share women sexually and it stopped once Jim started dating his now fiancé Chrissy Lampkin. According to Cam, in the first two or three weeks of Jim dating Chrissy, he was buying her extravagant gifts and this is when Cam started making fun of his friend.

“I was like, ‘You tricking man? What is you doing? You buggin,’” Cam admitted.

“If I could do it over, I would totally do it all the way over,” Cam added. “I seen how their relationship grow and I think it's dope. And they still together. I didn’t know it would grow to be that. I made these t-shirts and it said: ‘Tricky Ricky AKA Jim Jones is a Trick.’ That’s how we played. I wasn’t trying to disrespect him. Those shirts [hurt him]. He took that shit serious. After I did that, everything went downhill and niggas start acting like, ‘It’s the business.’ Start acting like, ‘Cam is robbing us. Cam ain't doing this, ain’t doing that.’”

During the Flex interview, Jim said that despite the large role he played in putting Dipset together and propelling them to success, he never made a dime off any music put out through Diplomat Records. Jones admitted that any business misdealings are water under the bridge, but what hurt him the most is that throughout the years, Cam never came out a surprise guest at of his concerts

(“I came to plenty of your shows. I wasn’t hating,” Cam disputed on his livestream).

“This is where everything got f--ked all the way up, B,” Cam continued to insist about the t-shirt fiasco. “I’m being honest, B. I’m telling you the truth. He could I say I didn’t come to his shows, he could lie and say I robbed him of millions of dollars. I ain’t rob nobody. Let me explain something to you. This was the deal: Juelz was signed to me and that’s it. I had the Diplomat album and Juelz was signed to me. That’s it. I didn’t have no paperwork with Hell Rell, I didn’t have no paperwork with J.R. Writer. Those are my niggas. They deal with a Baby Grande. They could use the bird, f--k it. I never had no paperwork with Jim so how could I rob him? I had a joint venture deal with Juelz album with Def Jam.”

Later, Cam would say that one of Jim’s biggest downfalls is that he never released projects by artists he signed.

“You got Max B, you got Stack Bundles, them two alone,” Cam began to surmise. “Put them out, you could have ate. If you think about it, Jim never put no artists out. I have all the artists, I got all the talent. Jim ended up getting some rappers and what he did was use them for his album instead of putting them out. Max B might not be in jail if you would have put them out. Stack Bundles might have gotten out of Far Rockaway if he would have an album out.”

In the end, Cam said he wished him and Jim didn’t air out so much laundry in public, but after the Flex interview, he wanted to have a fair say.

“My thing is, keep shit in-house,” Cam would declare. “All the shit we doing is bird shit. What we doing right now is bird shit, but I don’t want niggas thinking I’m some bad type of guy. I think this shit is bird shit personally, being on Live when a nigga got my muthaf--kin' phone number. I think the shit is stupid."

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