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REVOLT Celebrates #BlackExcellence with Rick Ross, Young Thug, Barack Obama and more

To honor Black History Month, REVOLT celebrates the most compelling content from cultural leaders and more.

Black Excellence is always authentic, it's excitement, it's disruptive, elegant, untamed, genuinely genius, and gloriously ignorant. Black Excellence is rugged and unapologetic like DMX when he walked us through the darkness of hell in 1998. Black Excellence is black as hell, Black Excellence is how pristine you look wearing all white on stage and those lights vibrate off your clothes and jewelry.

Black Excellence is colorful, Black Excellence is coloring outside the lines, Black Excellence is The Coloring Book making the Grammys change their rules. Black Excellence is danger. The danger of stepping out into the forefront to pursue your dream at the risk of falling, failing, being made into a meme, at the risk of being called crazy or getting laughed at. Black Excellence is the willingness to inspire by being unique, the humbleness to tell the next man or woman when they are being great, it's that line in that song captures your soul like an Odell Beckham one handed catch, Black Excellence is the hunger to respectfully but ruthlessly annihilate your competition.

Black Excellence is the fearlessness to be on the frontlines and speak out against injustice even though you, yourself are in jeopardy. Black Excellence is wearing Timbalands on yacht and celebrating life.

Black Excellence is Diddy battling Viacom with TV Networks, it's Magic Johnson buying the Dodgers, Chance The Rapper giving music away for free, performing those records in front a 100,000 people including a smiling Bill Clinton. Chance, he organized the youth to Vote, Black Excellence personified. Black Excellence is Jay and Bey at the White House with Barack and Michelle. Black Excellence is BBD performing “Poison” at The White House. Nas and Russell Simmons marching in protest against police brutality in New York. Black Excellence Donald Glover winning a Golden Globe for Atlanta and taking time out during his acceptance speech to big Migos for making a dope song. Black Excellence is a gold teeth, black jeans wearing lesbian named Young M.A. She's brashly breaking barriers and independently being the next great thing in hip-hop simply by being dead nice on the mic and always staying true to who she is. Black Excellence is A Tribe Called coming back after 18 years and going number one. You know Black (Excellence) don't crack if you rock it right. Black Excellence is the O.G. nurturing the youth and helping to cultivating their talents and instilling in them that it’s not just cool to aspire, but aspiration is necessary, aspiration is essential, aspiration is oxygen. Black Excellence breathes life.

Throughout February, to honor Black History Month, REVOLT will give you some of the most compelling content from cultural leaders in entertainment, society, science, arts and who personify #BlackExcellence including Rick Ross, Young Thug, former President Barack Obama and the late Dr. Sebi. and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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