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Minister Louis Farrakhan discusses sexual assault scandals with politicians

"Now all of sudden everybody is 'groping,'" Farrakhan said, drawing comparisons to two former presidents.

Mark Wilson // Getty Images

It seems like every day, new allegations of sexual misconduct by high profile figures and their ramifications are hitting the news. Minister Louis Farrakhan commented on the topic during his recent speech in Washington D.C., recalling when the press asked him to comment on former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry after Barry was caught doing drugs.

"I was somewhere in Atlanta and the press [asked] 'Mr. Farrakhan, you seem to be an upstanding man. What do you think about a man who is highly respected, and he's using drugs and having illicit sex?'" Farrakhan remembered. "I said 'who you talking about, JFK?' That black woman froze! She wanted me as a Black man to condemn another black man.

"But the White House, all you members of the press, you knew what kind of man John [Kennedy] was. You knew what Bobby [Kennedy] was," he continued. "You knew they were sneaking Marilyn Monroe into the White House, but you never said a damn thing. Now all of sudden everybody is 'groping.' In the Holy Quran, Allah says of the prophet, 'did not I find you an orphan? Did not I find you groping and showed you the way?' 'Groping' only means you're trying to find your way because you can't see so you feel."

Farrakhan added that there are other politicians who have their own skeletons in their closets.

"If you go to Congress and ask 'will all the gropers please stand up?' Frankly, the whole damn Congress will say 'damn, I've been found out now," he continued. "Just hypocrites. Then came Bush. H.W. They say he's a groper too. From a wheelchair. I mean the press is having a field day."

Farrakhan's comments come in the midst of what some have labeled a watershed moment in America, with celebrities and politicians' careers suffering huge losses after allegations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct. Hollywood elite including Harvey Weinstein, Dustin Hoffman and Brett Ratner, Russell Simmons, and politicians like Judge Roy Moore and Senator Al Franken have all been accused of various infractions.

Minister Louis Farrakhan has been sitting back and analyzing everything. During a recent speech in Washington D.C. where he gave messages of hope and brought forth words of enlightenment for the Black community and gave a stern warning for President Trump, spoke on the scandals and dated back to the Kennedy brothers.

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