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Twelve'Len 'SWIM's toward self-discovery on latest release

"The title comes from a question: 'Still Wondering It's Me?' It's a question I ask myself as I evolve."

Twelve'Len, Carol City's rock and soul savior, is closing the year with a heartfelt goodbye to 2017 in sonic form. His playlist Swim is about evolution and the continuous search for the best "you"—something many of us can relate to. A collection of new and familiar songs, Twelve'Len is tending to long-time fans as well as those who may have just become aware of his musical genius.

Upon the release of the project, Twelve'Len spoke with REVOLT TV about the motivation behind his new body of work and his outlook on his space in the evolving landscape of R&B.

What inspired you to clear your arsenal and release this compilation before the new year? I just wanted to go into the new year fresh. Giving a few new songs with some familiar ones if you've been a Twelve'Len fan. The title comes from a question: 'Still Wondering It's Me?' [It's] a question I ask myself as I evolve. Everyday I'm figuring things out and myself out. Everyday we are a new person with a new direction or path just making sure we don't get lost. So that's what the tittle Swim comes from. Swimming into the new year figuring it out.

Devin Christopher

R&B had such a strong year in 2017, and fans really embraced alternative styles of the genre. How do you plan to take advantage of that in 2018? Just by doing the best I can do with getting it out. I don't have a big team or a powerful team like the rest of those who are getting the exposure, but my music will always be presented at its best to where it can stand next to any great musician's work in my genre and outside of my genre. I'll be taking advantage by creating the best work that I can create, by innovating the sound as much as I can and releasing it. Music isn't to be taken advantage of. However, it's a demand—like food and water—for our survival in life.

Do you have any favorite tracks from the project? "Free the 4," I would have to say. And "Naked Hustle." Both are very personal records.

It seems that we are exiting the era of over-saturation. Fans are looking for quality over quantity. As someone who takes his time to carefully curate his art, how do you think this gives you an advantage from a competitive standpoint? My advantage is, I understand quality and I understand patience. That's why I still have yet to give out my baby, The Neighborhood Hero album, yet. That will be my trophy. Anything that manages to break me through before then, by all means, let it soar.

As you prepare to kick your feet up for the holidays with your family and bring the new year in with a clean slate, Twelve'Len's Swim is the soundtrack for the vibe you're looking for. A little calm before the storm of a new year full of new attempts to figure out who you are, without getting lost in it all. Listen below

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