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Mase breaks down the lyrics of his brutal diss track against Cam’ron

The rapper explains “The Oracle” bar-for-bar.

Adrien Vargas // REVOLT

Friday (Nov. 24) Mase decided to unleash "The Oracle," a new diss track aimed ruthlessly at Cam'ron, with the song immediately reigniting their decades-long beef and resulting in hip-hop fans frantically refreshing their timelines on social media.

As previously reported, Cam has already teased his response, sharing a snippet that clearly shows he's also a bit delighted to be partaking in such a lethal back and forth once again. Mase, on the other hand, has teamed up with Genius to provide an in-depth explanation, bar-for-bar, behind his new diss track and their ongoing tension.

"When I came back with 'Welcome Back,' Dame ran up to me like, why don't you and Cam just beef," the rapper recalls to Genius, speaking on the track's opening line. "I was like, 'Beef? Why would we beef?' It was the weirdest thing I ever heard. He was like, 'Why don't you and Cam just beef? It'll stay on record, it'll stay on wax.' That's why every time I would hear him say something, I wouldn't say nothin' back because I knew it wasn't real. Every time they would say somethin' I would see them and it wasn't no problem. If every time I see you, there's no problem, then why do you keep talkin' about it. It's 20 years old."

He also breaks down the accusations he makes on the track against Cam, such as the line suggesting that he slept with his own sister, an accusation the rapper has already addressed in the preview of his formal response.

"I don't really have to say much," Mase wrote in the Genius annotations. "It's funny because everybody around know all of this stuff. It's just nobody said nothin'. With Harlem, Harlem is always neutral. It's all really the same people. They say Harlem stick together, but a lot of times it's just that Harlem is neutral."

He also addresses past tension between 50 Cent and Dipset, Cam's allegedly shady business with Juelz Santana and Jim Jones, as well as even makes a reference to Children of the Corn, a group Mase and Cam were once in together alongside Big L, Bloodshed and McGruff.

Take a look at Mase breaking down his recent diss track in full over at Genius here.

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