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Mase disses Cam'ron with lethal new cut 'The Oracle,' Cam responds: 'let's play'

Mase has the Net buzzing with his new diss track, but Cam isn't going to go down without a fight.

Adrien Vargas // REVOLT

It's almost the end of 2017, but based on this Black Friday in hip-hop, you wouldn't know it. In the latest update of a nearly 20-year beef, Mase has the Net buzzing with a new Cam'ron diss called "The Oracle" - and Cam seems ready to fight back.

With the beat to JAY-Z's "Blueprint 2" as the backdrop, Mase took aim at Cam with a four-minute assault. He accuses Cam of sleeping with his own sister, letting his friend Jim Jones get jumped in Rucker Park, and having lackluster sales in recent years of his career. There are also a few pointed Diplomats-aimed wordplay: "Any nigga ever got diplomatic immunity was niggas who ratted or wanna snitch on their community."

The song has been trending on Twitter since it dropped on Friday morning (Nov. 24).

Hours after "The Oracle" dropped, Cam'ron took to Instagram to warn Mase that he may have a diss track of his own on the way. Cam posted a photo of a suit-wearing Mase holding a bible, with the caption, "Good morning to u to, Let's play nigga."

As Complex reports The beef between the former Children of the Corn comrades may have been rekindled when Cam'ron spoke about Mase in an Instagram Live). In the video, Cam said that Mase "took it too far" with his career as a preacher, and that Mase only did that to avoid beef after being unable to handle the issues that came with his success.

"Ni**a said, 'Fuck it man, you know what? It's a lot of violence going on around me. I'm gonna take these chips I got and I'm going to church,'" Cam'ron said. "I used to be mad at him about it, but hey, I see where he's coming from. I wouldn't go that far where he went, but I see the play. I see the play, I see what he was doing."

Cam also spoke about Mase on his new mixtape The Program, on a song called "It's Killa."

The release of "The Oracle" comes days after Cam'ron reunited with The Diplomats at the Spotify Rap Caviar concert in New York City. Watch REVOLT TV's footage from the concert above.

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