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Minister Louis Farrakhan warns black community that US government is “weaponizing weed"

Minister Farrakhan says that black men and women are "under assault," and that marijuana is being used as a weapon.

Minister Louis Farrakhan has a very clear message for the Black community: they are targets, and they better beware. Last week in Washington DC at the Watergate Hotel, Farrakhan held a press conference where he spoke on several topics, including President Donald Trump declaring a clandestine war on Black people. Among the tactics, Farrakhan says, is lacing marijuana with mind-altering materials.

"When you talk about weed to Black people, without God, you better put God in the equation Brother," the Minister began to explain. "Weed is all right if it's pure. It has properties in it that can be used for medicinal purposes. But they're weaponizing the weed now and they're doing lobotomies on the black man's brain with chemistry, biology and electrical energy stimulation. You're under assault, black brothers and sisters. Why is the sperm count in Black men falling? Because of the food you eat and the water you drink. The lead in the water in Flint is not an accident."

Last week, Farrakhan also kept on the very prevalent topic of Donald Trump admonishing NFL athletes for kneeling in protest of police brutality of Black people during the playing of the National Anthem at the games.

"Did you call the brothers that took a knee 'sons of bitches?' That's not nice, president," Farrakhan said. "You wouldn't want nobody to refer to your mom in that kind of way."

Just on Monday, Trump tweeted out that Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch should be suspended for sitting down during the American National Anthem but standing up for the Mexican National Anthem on Sunday as the Raiders took on the New England Patriots for a game in Mexico.

Watch Minister Louis Farrakhan's full press conference below.

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