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'Drink Champs': Irv Gotti explains how a drug-influenced interview destroyed his bond with Jennifer Lopez

"She will never trust me again. There's no making it right."

One of the biggest lessons Irv Gotti has learned from his 30 years in the music industry is that ecstasy and interviews don't mix. He produced "Ain't It Funny" for Jennifer Lopez, but it was no laughing matter back in 2002 when their friendship and working relationship was ruined after Gotti called the singer a "bitch," implied she lied, and said her voice wasn't as strong as some of her Pop Queen contemporaries.

"The J.Lo story is: I'm a[n] asshole, I'm a[n] idiot at the highest level," Gotti told N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on tonight's episode of Drink Champs. "J.Lo was one of my really good friends. She was reppin' [Murder Inc.] She called me and said, 'Hey, I'm on the cover of Elle magazine. I told them to call you and get quotes.' So I said, all good. J.Lo was, like, me and Ja [Rule]'s sister. Murder Inc., all my niggas loves her. Everyone loved her and I fucked up."

Gotti says the reporter from Elle called him right on the heels of a heated exchange between himself and Tommy Mottola, head of Sony—the label to which Lopez was signed. The argument was over Murder Inc. artist Cadillac Tah being taken off the radio version of "Ain't It Funny."

"He said some bullshit, some racist shit," Gotti claimed. "I said, 'When I see you, I'm gonna fuck you up.' Me and Tommy is good now."

The Murder Inc. co-founder talks Eminem besting JAY-Z, getting high, making music with Bobby Brown, and Suge Knight beefs.

However, while still reeling, Gotti received the call from Elle where he was asked to back up J.Lo's claim that their prior hit "I'm Real" was not about her former boyfriend, REVOLT TV Chairman Sean "Diddy" Combs.

"'What? That bitch lying!'" Gotti recalled of his response. "When you read it, it's so much worse. J.Lo [says,] 'I'm not talking about Diddy in "I'm Real."' Next line, Irv, 'That bitch is lying.' J.Lo will never trust me again. She will never trust me again. There's no making it right. I'm a fucking idiot, I abandoned her, that and loyalty. If she says 'fuck Irv Gotti' until she's in the grave, I deserve it. I could have made two movies with her. Benny Medina, her manager. 'I'm Real' went number one for 21 weeks. 'Ain't it Funny,' number one for 15 weeks. I have her two biggest records. Figured out the formula and did no more records. Benny Medina was like, 'Irv Gotti is doing all her music. He's executive producing her albums.' J.Lo loves me. J.Lo used to go like this photos, she threw the M's up. And I disrespected and abandoned that shit. It's fucked me forever."

Well, Lopez—who currently appears on the cover of Vanity Fair with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez—isn't that harsh. She's cordial when she sees Gotti, according to the legendary producer, but that's the extent of it.

Irv Gotti continues to talk the genius of Drake, a collaboration JAY-Z got "bodied" on, and why he regrets trying to sign Nas to Murder Inc.

But DJ EFN has his doubts.

'Drink Champs' airs tonight on REVOLT TV at 10pm ET.

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