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Minister Louis Farrakhan warns Trump at fiery D.C. press conference: "I'm not running from you"

The powerful and polarizing leader also said that he would be issuing a "warning" and delivering "guidance."

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This month marks a year since Donald Trump was elected President and a hurricane of political unrest has rained upon us since then, not just in the United States but all over the world. Trump's divisive actions and words are reaching a boiling point and just this week there have been talks about some in the U.S. government setting forth motions to impeach the 45th Commander-In-Chief.

Thursday (Nov. 17) in Washington D.C., the Honorable Minister Farrakhan played off Trump's potential criminal strife by holding a press conference at the Watergate Hotel, the very location where a series of events catalyzed the last president to get impeached, Richard Nixon. Members of the press and Nation of Islam gathered to hear the message promised to be directed at Trump.

"This is not a hate-filled message from some radical madman," Farrakhan said as he began at the podium. "This is a message of divine love." The powerful and polarizing leader also said that he would be issuing a "warning" and delivering "guidance."

"This message is not from Louis Farrakhan, this message is from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad through Louis Farrakhan," he said. "It is a final warning. It is a final call to black people that you must change the way you think and act."

Farrakhan said blacks have to come together is because they, especially the youth, are now and have been targets of several presidents.

"I knew enough to know Ronald Reagan didn't have no love for black people," he said. "Reagan ain't never loved us." He then accused the former President of planning "war games" against black people as early on in his career as when he was a governor.

"This has continued for six presidents," the Minister fired. "'Tricky Dick' was before you. You caught more hell under the Clinton administration and you thought he was the first Black president."

He soon directed his attention to the subject at hand. "When Mr. Trump was elected, the onion was being peeled back and white civility was gone," the Minister asserted. "They are angry and they are killing us. ... A war is brewing. Are they planning war? Is it against black youth and black people? Yes."

Farrakhan condemned the current president for wanting Afghanistan's natural resources and for calling NFL players who kneel in protest "sons of bitches." He defiantly told those in attendance and the viewers watching the livestream that he knows the U.S. government has been plotting to assassinate him, as well.

"I come to you, no Army, no Navy," he said to Trump fearlessly. "These brothers that are around don't carry weapons. If you want to kill us, we are here. I'm not running from you. I'm running to you. You may say, 'This is not the usual press conference. No, it's not," he confirmed with a grin.

The Minister did admit that at one time this country was great and that "America needs to reflect on her sins." He added, "Who is bold enough, strong enough to tell America that 'you have been wrong for a very long time?'"

Farrakhan did have praise for one president however, Barack Obama, whom he compared to a biblical figure. And he chastised Trump for not showing respect, saying, "Barack Obama, you called him a weak president because he's not like you or his predecessors. He's like Jonah, a reluctant prophet."

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