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A$AP Mob members speak out against racism and talk being cozy

A$AP Ferg, A$AP Twelvyy and A$AP Nast also speak on tearing down Central Park.

For the second night of their Too Cozy Tour, A$AP Mob rolled through their hometown of New York City with their crew love on full display. Performing crowd favorites like “Yamborghini High” and several new cuts from their latest group effort, Cozy Tapes: Too Cozy including singles “RAF” and“Feels So Good,” the multitalented collective tore down the SummerStage in NYC’s landmark Central Park. It was certainly a night to remember for the crew, and for multiple reasons. As the show neared its end, the coziness and turn up was put on pause for a poignant moment from group leader A$AP Rocky.

In response to the cloud of racial uneasiness that has hovered over the country recently, the A.L.L.A. rap star decided to utilize his position and the platform to spread a message of love, acceptance, and togetherness. “I want to let y’all know that that racist shit is trash, that shit is wack,” he shouted. “Don’t discriminate, pre-judge nobody, because of their skin color or their sexual preference.” Echoing Rocky’s sentiment, A$AP Mob members A$AP Ferg, A$AP Twelvyy and A$AP Nast spoke out against racism when REVOLT caught up with them following their amped up Central Park performance. During the chat, the Silky Boys also offered their thoughts on what it was like to bring their tour to Central Park and what it means to be cozy.

With you guys being from New York, how special was it performing in Central Park?

A$AP Ferg: But I seen a lot of old fans that came to the old A$AP shows that put me where I am today. I seen dudes out there with their silkies on representing and even some ladies with their silkies on. It was just amazing to be up there with my brothers. We haven't had an A$AP mob show and tour where everybody was together for a long time.

A$AP Twelvyy: I feel silky, B. Shoutout to the Silky Boys. We out here. I ain't going to lie. This feels like some real Smack DVD shit. [laughs]

A$AP Nast: It feels amazing. This is our hometown. Ain't nothing like being in your hometown, and getting love and people showing support. That's a beautiful fucking thing. What more can I say?

What did it feel like performing records from Cozy Tapes: Too Cozy, which only recently dropped, and having the majority of the crowd rapping along to most of the songs’ lyrics?

A$AP Ferg: That's the power of the Internet. You can put a song out on SoundCloud and by tomorrow in London, everybody knows the song. But man, it feels good. It's exhilarating. You can be down. There's been times I've been down and depressed and I’ll come out and the fans pick me up.

A$AP Twelvyy: It feels spectacular. It feels fantastic. The kids are really listening. I remember being on stage and my verse would come in and people wasn't listening. I'm just happy they are listening and growing with us. I can't ask for more. We all are blessed, and there's opportunity for everyone that's in this building to do the same thing. I remember Central Park’s SummerStage wasn't even for this. You know what I'm saying? It shows the evolution. I'm just happy. We got our friends here, we got our family here - we got everybody here. We moving. Everything is in motion.

Tonight’s show was proof of how diverse your audience is. How is it knowing that your music brings together such a variety of people?

A$AP Twelvyy: I ain't going to lie. I know Michael Jackson would be proud. I look at stuff like that. I feel Michael Jackson is somewhere on another level saying "My motherfucking boys is doing it." Yams too, because Yams was Spanish - Puerto Rican and Dominican. He was just different, and when I would see him I never saw color. I just saw a brother. That's how it should be.

A$AP Nast: That's a beautiful thing as well. A very beautiful thing.

What are your thoughts on the country’s current racial climate?

A$AP Twelvyy: I'm sad because I got a lot of white friends- matter of fact, not even white, because I hate color. I hate categorizing. It all takes us back to the colonies when they tried to to colonize us and we not with all that. It's a new day. We don't see no color. We just feel energy and spirits, because this isn't the only level. After this, there's a higher level and other dimensions, you feel me? The way you treat people on your way up is how people are going to treat you on your way down. Fuck that oppression, racial adversity. Last year being broke.

A$AP Nast: Fuck racism. Everybody just people. We all human. Under your skin you got bones and flesh. That's it.

Why is it important for people in your position to be mindful of how they use their platforms?

A$AP Ferg: It's important because we are leaders. I almost have two million people following me on Instagram. That's not much compared to a lot of other artists, but it's very important that when you have that many followers you watch what you say and you mean whatever you say. We’re teaching kids out here. I've talked to Madonna and she's told me that her son blasts my music. That means I'm raising her son. Her son listens to me more than he listens to her in some cases, so it's very important what we are teaching these kids.

How would you define the silky lifestyle?

A$AP Twelvyy: The Silky Boys got to answer this. Silky City. Look at them colors, them palettes, them pantones. Jordan don't even make Jordans in these colors.

What does it mean to be cozy?

A$AP Nast: You're cozy when your limbs are linguini, when your limbs feel like noodles. If you feel like fettuccini under your skin, that's when you're cozy right there. Fuck your fashion, fuck your clothes. If you don't feel like linguini under your skin, you ain't fucking cozy. Don't talk no cozy shit.

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