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#REVOLTMusicConference 2017 | 2 Chainz brings his brand of luxury trap to a new yacht-level of sophistication

The rapper plays host to the yacht party of the year.

Kadeem Cobham // REVOLT TV

Sean "Diddy" Combs and the team of masterminds behind the fourth-annual REVOLT Music Conference deserve a hat tip and ample sips of chilled Cîroc after Friday night's movie (Oct. 13).

After panelists and keynote speakers dropped gem after gem, with those in attendance asking thought-provoking questions and advancing the conversations beyond the curated panels, a select group of ticket holders was blessed with the opportunity to party on a massive yacht in the middle of the Atlantic, with 2 Chainz providing the evening's fitting soundtrack.

Under a clear night sky, folks dressed to the nines piled onto the ultimate venue to enjoy live music and get a taste of iconic Miami glamour, further proving that good things come to those who hustle. As the SeaFair yacht slowly but surely moved away from the dock, with the illuminated cityscape becoming smaller in the distance, attendees navigated through three decks of open bar offerings, lavish catering and, of course, live music.

Kadeem Cobham // REVOLT TV

With the mood set, King Combs, with his C.Y.N. Mob in tow, took to the stage, performing hits from his growing discography, including the party-starter "Type Different," and the ever-catchy "Playa Hate," with DJ Damage helping to rile up the crowd.

Kadeem Cobham // REVOLT TV

"You know there's a six drink minimum, right?" DJ Damage spat into the mic. "Not sure if you've ever been to a Tity Boi show before, but there's a lot of crowd participation…"

As those on the rooftop deck of the yacht enjoyed bottomless cocktails with this summer's party anthems adding to the evening's anticipation, on the decks below, attendees swayed on the dance floor to several DJs mixing classic hip-hop cuts, with the evening's sound selection providing a much-appreciated contrast and appealing to well-rounded rap fans.

Right on cue, 2 Chainz made a grandiose entrance, with the sea of people parting to make way for the rapper, who is still recovering from a broken leg.

Kadeem Cobham // REVOLT TV

Once on stage, the Georgia-born tastemaker propped himself up with a crutch, explaining that it was a blessing because a couple of weeks ago, he still couldn't walk.

The rapper, who concluded his 35-date tour run for his new album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music last month, is no stranger to not letting unfortunate circumstances hold him back, performing from a decked-out pink wheelchair and subtly incorporating his injury into his set, complete with his own personal nurse dancing behind him. Shout out to miss Nurse Cupid.

As 2 Chainz showcased his mastery as a live performer, drawing from his storied catalog of some of the finest luxury trap available today, he often had his DJ cut the music so he could spit his favorite verses a cappella and humbly flex for the crowd.

Kadeem Cobham // REVOLT TV

"We in the middle of the ocean," 2 Chainz exclaimed, taking a moment during his set to appreciate the setting and the once-in-a-lifetime occasion. "Life is wonderful, man. Put your twos up, our location is remote!"

After testing mics to gauge which sounds better, the rapper dove into a medley of his most-celebrated tracks, including "Riverdale Rd," his collaboration with Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne "No Problem," "Rich as F—k," and several cuts with his frequent collaborator Drake, including "Big Amount" "No Lie" and "All Me," giving a nod to Big Sean, who also appears on the latter track.

From lightheartedly explaining how the medication he's been on for his recent injury has been affecting his voice, he joked that he has vocal chords like Babyface, allowing him to perform despite still being in recovery.

Kadeem Cobham // REVOLT TV

With "I'm Different," "Birthday Song," the Gucci Mane and Quavo-assisted "Good Drank," "Watch Out," "4AM," and even a throwback to the Playaz Circle classic "Duffle Bag Boy" all getting their airtime, 2 Chainz put on one hell of a performance, reminding the crowd that life is meant to be enjoyed fully.

"Whatever I'm doing, I'm going all out to the best of my ability and I hope y'all doing the same," he shared, alluding to performing through the pain his leg has caused him. "That chair was kinda holding me back. I probably could've stood up during this, just couldn't do my normal dance moves, you know. But anyway, I guess it's time to start a vibe in this motherf--ker!"

Kadeem Cobham // REVOLT TV

While addressing the audience after running through his recent posse cut with Jhené Aiko, Trey Songz and Ty Dolla $ign, "It's a Vibe," he remembered that we were on a yacht and not on the larger stages he's used to, commenting with wonder at how fast the boat was actually moving.

"Y'all know I had an herbal enhancement," he shared, with a grin. "But this motherf—ka a damn near a speedboat."

With the evening scene's straight out of a movie, it's safe to say that 2 Chainz not only knows how to host an unforgettable party but is an expert at doing so while authentically elevating his beloved genre to a new level of refined sophistication, earning him the title of one of trap's most respected and cherished connoisseurs.

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