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Facebook suspends Lil B's account for "hate speech" violations

We've seen the words before on Twitter, though.

Artist // Instagram

Earlier this month, Lil B went on a 76-tweet tirade on Twitter about racism, gun violence, and education in America, but Facebook didn't let him get nearly as far. According to Motherboard, the social network suspended the rapper's account recently for violating the site's hate speech policies.

However, Lil B claims it's much simpler than that; he took to Twitter to reveal his side of the story, saying the month-long ban was because he "was talking about white people."

"Found out Facebook banned me for 30 days becuase I was talking about white people... got it."

He continued, revealing feelings of bewilderment at being silenced:

"I see the majority wants a fake smile....Ima go back to being silent and black....Lil B and hate don't even go together ... lil b and hate speech? Really? Lil b pushing a hate angenda? Il be silent love u."

Seemingly attempting to rally support, he hoped he could share with his fans the posts that allegedly warranted the suspension, writing:

"Can y'all ask Facebook if I can show you the 2 post they said are the reason I got suspended 30 days For?"

However, reporters Patrick Kulp of Mashable and Aaron Mak and Will Oremus of Slate shared the posts in-question themselves.

Turns out that the two punishable Facebook posts are exactly the same as two of the tweets that appeared in his aforementioned Twitter rant, but without consequence.

"White people are the only ones who really love they guns U can tell they are violent people! I don't live in fear I don't need a gun.... WHITE PEOPLE SO SCARED THEY THE REASON WHY GUNS ARE A PROBLEM IF WHITE PEOPLE PUT DOWN THE GUNZ WE ALL BE SAFE BUT NOPE! THEY VILENT."

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