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Swizz Beatz talks wife Alicia Keys' marching, international humanitarian efforts

The super-producer visits "Drink Champs" and admits even he was surprised to learn of all her endeavors.

Kymmi Cee // Revolt

Alicia Keys doesn’t just share her talent with the world, she gives her time, voice, energy and money to help others less fortunate. Sitting down with Drink Champs last week in Miami, her husband Swizz Beatz talked of her participation in the recent historic and worldwide Women’s March and told hosts N.O.R.E and DJ EFN that that’s just a small percent of how his wife uses her star power to make a difference.

“My wife got up at 7 a.m. in the morning and was like, ‘I’m going to the Women’s March. I’ll be back at 3:00,” Swizz said. “She didn’t even tell me about it, she just did it. I was tired, like, ‘the Women’s March? You want me to come with you?’ She said, ‘No, this is the Women’s March.’ As long as you protected, I’m good.”

The legendary producer added that he believes female strength surpasses that of men.

“The women [are] more powerful than us, period. Because their devotion to realism is different. We’re trapped in a lot of different things. Ego. Man power. That shit don’t mean nothing. If your wife tells you she don’t mess with [somebody], don’t mess with that person. She’s going to see something you don’t see. We think we got all the answers, but she be like, ‘I don’t like him, don’t let him in the house.’”

Some of Keys’ humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors were a surprise--even to Swizz.

“She’s really about that life,” Swizz said. “She’s been about that life way more than publicized. I remember going to Africa with her and going to four hospitals and seeing her face on these hospitals. The last hospital, I was like, ‘Babe, why they got your face in these hospitals?’ She said, ‘These are my hospitals.’ I’m married to her; she didn’t even tell me all these hospitals are hers. She built them shits. She owns those hospitals. It didn’t mean nothing to her because the gifts she was giving back meant so much more. That’s what I’m dealing with.”

Swizz says being married to Keys made him what to improve himself, especially after seeing how selfless she is.

“She’s in another type of zone. I go [to Africa] and see people living off being 30 pounds and surviving off a medicine they can afford. I never knew my wife was affording them this medicine. I didn’t even know why we was even in Africa. I just knew we was going and I was going with her. I’ve seen my wife feed over 300,000 people for a year and never talk about it. Over 300,000, with her own money, never talk about it. She’s another type of thinker. I have a lot of work to do, even to this day. She put me on my A game.”

Swizz talks more about his wife, ex Mashonda, the return of DMX and Cassidy, a classic hit record Jadakiss turned down and so much more.

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