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Mike Epps on celebrities endorsing Trump: "Let's see if they get what they need to help us"

The comedian and actor talks politics on "Drink Champs."

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The string of celebrities meeting with President Donald Trump over the past few months were all met with backlash and controversy. Just recently, Chrisette Michele endured the wrath by the public after deciding to perform at one of Trump's inaugural balls. Since the news, the singer has been on a press tour explaining her side of the story, which only continues to draw criticism.

On Thursday night's episode of "Drinks Champs," comedian Mike Epps sat with hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN for a glorious hour long conversation that touched on a series of topics, including President Trump. "Let me tell you something about Donald Trump, he doesn't want to be president," said Epps. When asked about his thoughts on celebrities like Jim Brown, Kanye West, and Steve Harvey ("Steve Harvey don't give a f—k what a ni--a think about him. That's how he feels.") visiting Trump, the comedian offered a telling thought.

"The ni--as that's endorsing him, they are the ni--as that don't give a f--k. He basically told you that he was racist," he said. "Now let's see if one of those black people who got up under him play joker and get what they need to get to help us because it might be one of them doing it."

In addition, the comedian and actor also shares his opinion on the country being ran by the former reality show host. "The thing about being a a black man in America and you from the poverty and you from the ghetto is that people that was in office they never really had nothing to do with your life anyway because you always been on the bottom, no matter who the fuck you got in office. Obama was the first time we had a president, and Clinton, where I had anything in my pocket," he said. "All them other presidents never really affected me. Reagan affected me because he put them food stamps in the neighborhood... What Trump is finna do is [make this] Snapchat USA, he's making America the entertainment capital, which it already was but he wants to make this Dubai because this is all entertainment for him."

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