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Cardi B warns to stop popping pills on new mixtape, 'GBMV2'

"I'm so tired of artists keep promoting this propaganda," she tells REVOLT.


Cardi B can be sexy, funny, raw. And on her Gangsta Bitch Music Volume 2, which dropped on all outlets on Friday, the 24 year-old multi-media star took time out to get serious.

"I see the pain in your eyes, and truth is only the strong survive," she raps on GBMV2’s "Never Give Up." "And you still here, so from here you only gon' rise./ Spread them wings, they gonna tell you how far you gonna fly/ You don't gotta pop them pills, I know just how you feel/ I know there's a lot of fake love, but this love is actually real."

While visiting the REVOLT New York offices on Friday (January 20), the Bronx native said she wrote the song out of frustration from some fellow rap artists glorifying drug indulgence in their music without speaking on the consequences.

"I did that song with my boy Josh X because you know I wasn’t going to be singing,” she started singing. X, who shares management ties with Cardi sings "Never give up, we're almost at the of the hill now…"

"I'm so tired of artists keep promoting this propaganda when it comes to pills and lean. I ain’t gonna front, poppin pills is fun at the time when you're doing it with friends and everything. But they’re not telling you how that shit gets addicting. They're not telling people how it can kill you. You think that pills are making you feel better about life, but they're actually depressing you. It's making you feel like you can't live without it. I want [artists] to open up, like 'Yo, you don't need that type of stuff.' I seen girls… I used to work in the strip club and I have seen girls feel like they can't work if they don’t pop a certain type of pill or drink certain type of stuff. It's annoying. Why is nobody saying that that is not good for you? Why is nobody saying that? I used to pop Mollys and it was all fun and games, but that is not healthy."

Cardi hopes that audiences can stay away from getting influenced by hearing about drugs in music.

"A lot of these young people like to make fun of Crackheads. 'Oh you a Crackhead.' You talk about crackhead, you pop five [Percocet pills] a day because such and such made a song [about] it," she said. "I get it, it seems like a cool thing to do. I'm hip. I'm hip. I'm a cool bitch. But it's like yo, listen up chill. Y'all need to chill, that ain't all the way good for you."

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