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6lack gets deep, personal, and 'FREE' at NYC's Mercury Lounge

The singer closed out a series of Big Apple shows in stellar fashion.

NEW YORK, NY — Fans packed out Lower East Side's Mercury Lounge on Thursday night (January 19) to see R&B crooner 6lack take the stage for what was his last performance in New York, until his forthcoming Panorama performance later in the year. The intimate sold-out venue was full of love for the Atlanta native, who performed hit after hit from his highly acclaimed project, FREE 6LACK.

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Not only did the crowd go wild for the singer when he graced the stage, but no one in the audience missed a beat when he kicked things off with the first track on the project, "Never Know." Accompanied by a live band, the pianist then set a mellow vibe slowing things down to give 6lack the opportunity to connect with the live fans. The singer went on to explain that before releasing his debut project, he felt trapped in everything from a bad music label deal to unhealthy relationships and while it was a constant struggle he knew that he had to free himself. Before a smooth melodic transition into "Free," 6lack made sure to remain relatable telling the audience, "This ain't just my story, this y'all story too, this is all of our stories."

The compelling rhythm and feels of the drums slowly came in as well as 6lack's hypnotizing voice while delivering new life into "Luving You" and a FREE 6LACK leftover titled, "Loyal." While the latter failed to make the project, it didn't stop concertgoers from singing along and ultimately filling up the lounge with endless positive vibes. The joyous atmosphere continued as 6lack's sensual vocals carried everyone through songs like "Learn Ya," "MTFU," "Rules," and his hit single "Ex Calling." He even had time to give us a little milly rock and two step action while the crowd hyped him up to again, spread an enjoyable synergy throughout the room.

But it was that time again, time for the delectable singer to get personal which seems to play a big role into how fans connect with him. Before performing "Worst Luck," he shared with the packed house that after his Atlanta show he received news that his friend Taylor was on life support. On count the audience went on to scream the words "WE LOVE YOU TAYLOR," lifting his spirits allowing him to get through his final track. However, the New York crowd wasn't letting him get away that easy.

Before 6lack could even attempt to leave the stage concertgoers began chanting the words "Encore, Encore!" Although it was obvious that he was flattered, for a moment it was unclear whether the Atlanta singer would in fact give the audience the response that they were wildly demanding. However once DJ Tone dropped the instrumental to his breakout hit "PRBLMS," the crowd knew that their wish had been granted. Unitedly the audience seemed to sing to 6lack during this song making it obvious that "PRBLMS" is indeed a fan favorite. After a sing-off between the man of the hour and the crowd, 6lack ended things with words of gratitude.

"Thank you all for being a part of this. I didn't know how I was going to get here, but I knew it was possible."

Nothing but positive vibes.

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