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T.I. on Donald Trump: "He played to insecurities and racist tendencies"

Tip speaks his piece in upcoming "Drink Champs" episode.

Drink Champs // REVOLT

There are literally just a couple of days before the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump and the veteran business maven is officially America's new Commander-In-Chief. For some in the country, they feel like its Doomsday. T.I. has been one hip-hop’s most vocal Trump detractors. Just on Monday, he took Kanye West, Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis and Martin Luther King III all to task for recently meeting with the President Elect. He felt they were pawns used by the Trump administration to try and silence Blacks who were critical of Trump.

T.I. blasts Kanye West, Steve Harvey, MLK III and others for meeting with Donald Trump

During a recent interview on the show "Drink Champs," the King of the South, engaged in a political dialogue with fellow guest French Montana and hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN.

"One thing about politics, it's supposed to be for the greater good," Tip said about Trump's agenda during his Presidential campaign. "That's the purpose of a democracy. A democracy is supposed to be for the greater good of all. What he did, he played to the selfishness of the majority… He played to the insecurities and racist tendencies. A businessman looks after him. A businessman looks out for him and his people. A President looks out for the country and all of it’s people."

Tip also held Barack Obama to those standards. When N.O.R.E. mentioned he wished Barack would spoke more directly to Black America at certain points during his tenure in office, The Southern born rapper/ actor said it was no way Obama could have fairly done that.

"He can't just speak to Black America because he’s the President of the entire United States. How can he only speak to eight percent of the country if he's the President of the entire United States?"

"I think he did as well as he could have done with the help that he had," Tip continued when asked if was satisfied with Obama’s time as President. "He didn’t have the House [of Representatives] and they were working against him."

"You can't change the Country in four years… even eight years," French Montana chimes in.

"There were significant steps that were made though," T.I. replied.

As for who Tip wanted to win the Presidency, the King still stands by his initial endorsement of Bernie Sanders.

"Bernie Sanders was the person to stand up for," Tip said. "He should of been the Democratic muthafuckin’ nominee. He could've won. He had real plans."

You can catch the full conversation with T.I., French Montana and A$AP Rocky on "Drink Champs" as they discuss Tip's comparisons to Jay Z and Tupac, French’s leaked music and star studded love life and Rocky’s recent beef with his landlord.

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