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Bobby Shmurda accepts seven-year plea deal

The Brooklyn rapper will face seven years in prison as part of a plea deal.

Mack Pittman // REVOLT

Bobby Shmurda had pled guilty in his conspiracy case and will be heading behind bars for seven years.

The embattled Brooklyn rapper, real name Ackquille Pollard, has been in jail since December 2014 after he and more than 15 other defendants were charged with a string of crimes, including conspiracy, drug, and, gun charges.

In court today (September 9), the Brooklyn rapper pleaded guilty to fourth-degree conspiracy, which carries a 1-3 years sentence, and second-degree criminal weapons possession, which carries a sentence of seven years. According to Billboard, under this deal the two charges will run concurrently, meaning he will face a maximum of seven years in prison and will be credited for time served.

This December will mark two years since he was locked up.

The decision comes just says before the rapper was set to stand trial for conspiracy in Manhattan Supreme Court. After the seven-year term, Pollard will be on probation for five years, as per the terms of the plea deal struck with the Special Narcotics Prosecutor's office.

Had he been convicted at trial, the rapper could have faced up to 25 years to life in prison.

Two of his co-defendants, Rowdy Rebel (born Chad Marshall) and Nicholas McCoy, also took the same deal.

As per TMZ, Shmurda’s lawyer can be heard "imploring them to take the deal because they’d never get a sympathetic jury and they were facing life in prison."

A fourth defendant, named Santino Broderick, had more charges against him compared to the mentioned and was was offered a 15 year deal. According to NY Daily News, Broderick was overheard telling his lawyer, "Fifteen? Dang. My life is over." He later turned down the deal and is set to stand trial next week.

Over the past couple of months, several affiliates who were arrested during that December 2014 sweep, have been sentenced. Among them, Rashid "Rasha" Derissant, 24, was sentenced to 98 years behind bars in May. In that same month, Alex "A-Rod" Crandon, 22, was hit with 53 years.

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