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Exclusive: DJ Envy reveals being shot at changed his mind about Stop and Frisk

The DJ faced flack for supporting the policy, but being shot at while driving to work recently colored his opinion.

The Breakfast Club's DJ Envy took some heat recently for saying he was in support of Stop and Frisk, a policing policy that was ruled unconstitutional. Today (September 28), Envy explained on the show that he was not always in favor, but some personal incidents changed his mind. Last Thursday at about 3 a.m., while driving to work through New Jersey, the vehicle Envy was driving was shot at three times.

"As I was on my way to work, car pulls up behind me, SUV, and turns on a police light," Envy said. "When the police light comes on, I'm looking in the rearview mirror and I'm like, something doesn't feel right about this. ... So I don't pull over, I'm still driving, about 30 seconds later, the car rams into the back of me — boom!"

Envy said he wasn't sure whether the vehicle belonged to police or not, but he followed his gut and kept driving, at which point the vehicle rammed into him again and pursued him. Envy described speeding to try to evade them, but getting slowed down by the tolls and the EZ Pass. On the highway, Envy slammed his brakes, threw his car in reverse, and was shot at when his pursuer jumped out his vehicle.

"Dude hops out, black mask, black hoodie, long sleeves ... all black, pistol in hand, shooting at my car," Envy said.

As a husband and father, Envy said the experience of almost being injured or killed made him believe that Stop and Frisk would help get guns off the street, and avoid unsafe situations like the one he faced. And while Envy maintained that it was just his opinion, his cohosts respectfully disagreed, with Angela Yee explaining that the policy has been proven to be ineffective, and with Charlamagne saying he can't be in favor of a policy that is not enforced across the board, but instead disproportionately targets black and Latino people.

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