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All the emotions Frank Ocean fans experienced this weekend

It wasn't pretty as 'Boys Don't Cry' didn't arrive on time.

Calvin Klein // YouTube

Frank Ocean's long-awaited sophomore album, Boys Don't Cry, was expected to arrive this past Friday. Then Saturday. And, we held out hope it would drop Sunday. But, well, nothing.

There's been no communication from Apple, who has partnered with the singer for the release; or Def Jam, his record label; or Ocean himself.

Frank Ocean's Boys Don't Cry album: A definitive timeline

Instead, there's been fan grief. Although it's not quite a death, in some eyes, the New Orleans crooner no longer exists as they've taken the offense of no release pretty personal. So, below, using the Kübler-Ross model (AKA the five stages of grief), we give you an example of what Frank Ocean fans are experiencing as they wait. And wait. get he point.


Some are choosing to just unplug from the idea that an album is ever going to see the light of day, a protecting measure. We see it no clear than from @Scrappy_Que, who bets that Ocean hasn't even recorded a song for the set yet. Protect your heart.


What's the opposite of good morning? Ahh, got it: Fuck you. And these are among the more SFW versions. It's getting real in the tweets.


Perhaps there's a way someone with a blue check can come through and communicate to Frank. We're praying just like Frank in the pic below. That's likely a longshot.


Not pretty.


Sigh. A new week and more new music to listen to. Plus, there's still Travis Scott's new project. So, maybe we'll stash Frank in the GNR or Detox file.

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