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"Power" Episode 304: That Moment When...

Holly is the wild card; Tommy better thank his guardian angel; Ghost and Tasha aren't done yet?

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Ghost saves Tommy. Holly puts the hit out on Ghost. Kanan and Jukebox team up for a heist and share Jukebox's girl...this week's episode, "Don't Worry, Baby," was one OMG moment after another. The REVOLT Power recap crew gets right to it:

The moment when Holly went too far:

Yoooo word Holly just gon run up on the Jamaicans like that... Why does she continue to stick her nose in Tommy's business? She wants Ghost dead so bad so she can start her mini family with Tommy. Little does she know, multiple people want Tommy dead. —Cherisse McKenzie

The moment when Ghost had to join social media:

I have faith in him with getting his marriage back and somehow taking care of Angela. Tommy will fall back in line soon now that he's saved his life once again, BUT social media really is death. I know it's going to take his club business to the next level, which will put more money in his pockets and keep the urge to hustle away, but anything goes online. The absolute last thing a guy who lives two lives needs to be doing is hosting the party and Snapchatting or using Insta-Vid, I guess, depending on which you're down with now. Can't be a Ghost when you're easily followed on social media. —Lawrence K. Jackson

That moment when Ghost re-entered the game by coming to Tommy’s rescue.

I was shocked due to the fact that Ghost and Tommy’s relationship has been nonexistent. It angers me that no matter the circumstances Ghost is unapologetically loyal to Tommy, while Tommy is plotting different ways he can make sure Ghost is dead since he doesn’t have the heart to kill him. The kicker in all of this is Ghost has no idea that he is about to be a target as a result of Lobos’ lookout witnessing him save Tommy’s life. Ghost has now become a target of both Holly’s hitman and Lobos’ righthand man. All I can say is…let us pray for Ghost because he’s going to need it. —Amber Mackie

Tasha St. Patrick
Tasha St. Patrick

The moment when Ghost said, "My wife!", taking Tasha's side in an argument with Angela:

Those two operative words have confirmed my suspicion of the possible setup of Angela and Tommy. Let me explain:

1. If memory serves, Tasha and Ghost set up Kanan to jumpstart their lifestyle as king and queen of the organization, but once Kanan came back it put a wrinkle in things.

2. With Kanan on the loose and Ghost allegedly “out the game,” Tasha is acting a little too calm, if you have been paying attention. Her husband left her for a federal agent of all people, her side piece got murdered, and things are starting to unravel at home.

3. Tommy played Tasha the first two episodes until he knew she had cash for him. Ghost was a little too pressed to get Tommy his “half” of the business.

4. Tommy, Holly and Tasha are one big happy family now right? Again, Tasha is acting a little too cool and loose-lipped with sharing business secrets with these two.

5. At the dinner with Paz, Jamie told her he was still married; it was Angela that said he is working on the divorce. Jamie has yet to mention anything about a divorce.

Just a theory, but in my mind if you add line items 1–5 that equals setup! I strongly believe that Ghost and Tasha are still in the game. I think they have a plan to set up Tommy and Holly to take the fall and ride off into the sunset. The original weave shop is owned by Tasha and Keisha. Now, to make Tommy’s money legit, he has to open other weave shops to clean the money. If you paid attention to the last episode, Tommy will be the investor in the franchising of the next phase of shop openings, and Keisha’s name will be on as an owner.

I think this is where the setup comes in; Tasha will show Holly the ins and outs of what needs to be done, but not in the correct way. Then Ghost and Tasha set Tommy and Holly up for taking the fall for a new crime, since he can’t be tried for the old one. Ghost has love for Angela, but after tonight it’s clear where his allegiance lies: with Tasha. I think they have an arrangement for Ghost to be with her to keep getting intel. Everyone is getting played. Felicia Stokes

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