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Here are the definitive answers to the viral rap ballot taking over Facebook

Let's settle this.

Frazer Harrison // Getty

OK, "definitive" might be strong, because rap is personal. It's a topic that people can debate for hours, and when we discover other people's favorites it can turn friends into enemies — or strangers into lovers. Yes, it's that deep. REVOLT staff chimes in with our take on the rappers we hate, rappers we love, and some new categories like most good looking, because why not?

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Danielle Cheesman kicks it off with no love for Mr. Worldwide:

J. Sills, giving props to F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S:

Matthew Boudreau shaking things up with a nod to Missy Elliott:

Zach Liporace, who stands behind all his decisions:

Amber Mackie with a choice that Nicki Minaj probably shouldn't see:

Jonathyn Pankratz, commentary all his own:

Che Dickerson, who makes a great point about Em:

So are you saying XXL is wrong, Rashad?

Deena Morrison, with emojis for emphasis:

Mack "Cole World" Pittman:

Driadonna, with the brazy ballot:

TJ Bowden, who's trying to get us sued:

Kareemah Sellers, who does not like boats:

Erin Simon, oh gawd!:

Nicole Williams, who is not here for the 6 God:

And Asmar Brody, who obviously does not need "One Dance":

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