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Uh oh, Kanye may get "free reign" at the VMAs: Here's what could happen

We're worried.

Cam Kirk's Tumblr // Cam Kirk Photography

Remember when it was 2009 and Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs, and she became America's Sweetheart and he became the Big Bad Wolf? Well, a lot has changed since then.

Seven years later, 'Ye is far from being banned. In fact, it's the opposite. According to TMZ, the rapper is being given "four minutes" of "free reign" at the VMAs on Sunday. "To do with as he pleases."


Here are a few things our editors are worried could go down.

He, Taylor Swift, and Kim Kardashian will pull a 'gotcha!' on all of us.

I'm 100% sure Kanye's "free reign" will consist of him and Taylor Swift performing together. I am willing to bet good money that she will come out and say 'tee-hee JK JK.' Why? I don't know. But the moment Kim got involved in what we thought was the #KimExposedTaylor party, I knew something nefarious was at hand. I don't trust Taylor or Kim K — together they could have pulled off the biggest publicity stunt of the year.—Driadonna Roland

He'll use either Frank Ocean or (another) Presidency pitch to win our affection.

If this "free reign" thing actually happens, I'm convinced Kanye will carry on the mission he started last year: #KanyeForPresident2020. And why wouldn't he? Kanye's always about pushing the boundaries and reshaping the normal. How ill will it be to have him build a presidential campaign live from the VMA stage? Tell me what other presidential candidate is doing that? But if he isn't on the presidential flow, chances are he brings out Frank Ocean. He has been calling for radio to support the singer's latest album Blonde and if he does bring out the singer, Ye could have him perform "Nikes," all while we get blessed with a sequel of this:

Ralph Bristout

He'll definitely absolutely undoubtedly make a speech.

When Kanye's given a platform -- literally, any: a magazine interview, Twitter, Ellen DeGeneres' couch -- there's nothing more important than what he has to say. Or so he believes. I wouldn't be surprised if he stood there and waited for the very last clap to drown out. During the emphatic tirade, his roles will run the gamut: he'll be misunderstood, he'll be maniacal, he'll be tortured, he'll be thankful, he'll be the victim, he'll be inspired, he'll be frustrated, and feel blessed. All at once. And our reactions will run the gamut, too. Just when you think he's batshit crazy and shallower than a kiddie pool, he'll say some gem that's bound to appear as a quote on your Instagram feed in a few years.—Danielle Cheesman

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