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New Music Roundup: Diana Gordon, Empire of the Sun, and Amber-Simone

A female anthem, even-keeled pop, and mysteriously androgynous voice.

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Diana Gordon, "Woman"

One can never have too many female empowerment anthems and Diana Gordon's "Woman" is a great addition. Thankfully, she didn't rely on the overused tactic of badmouthing men; she simply listed all the intangible qualities that make women magical. And she does so over a fuzzy guitar line with a folksy delivery on the verses and a commanding inflection on the chorus: "Woman, woman / One hand on the pussy and the other on a Harley / Woman, woman / She could dance all night, make you coffee in the morning / That woman, she from Venus / Don't play around baby, she a genius / God gave you the answer when he gave you the woman / I know you the man, but don't forget where you come from." Never forget, ya'll.—Danielle Cheesman

Empire of the Sun, "High and Low"

Empire of the Sun are nothing if not consistent. When you hit play, you know you're going to get bright, layered, even-keeled pop. The new song "High and Low" doesn't stray from the format. It's a love letter to a woman who's a bit of a wild child — LSD is mentioned in the prehook — but they want to be with her through her highs and lows. Another solid record!—Driadonna Roland

Amber-Simone, "Body Talk"

I don't know many artists who can display such a mysterious aura through the use of their androgynous voice. You listen and, without any information, you want to know more. The only other person who made me feel this way was The Weeknd. But 19-year-old artist Amber-Simone has sparked that interest with her sultry and seductive single "Body Talk." Her voice and the song's R&B and electronic guitar infusion creates a sonic embodiment of sexual temptation and curiosity. Sexuality can be so sweet, provocative and thrilling while at the same time being quite mysterious and tantalizing. And because there are sometimes no words to express that sensation, the only way you can is to let your body talk.—Erin Ashley Simon

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