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Frank Ocean & Lil B talk IPOs, strip clubs and chamomile tea

The pair have a meeting of the minds for Ocean's 'Boys Don't Cry' zine.


In 2014, Lil B teased that he and Frank Ocean were working together. While it didn’t seem clear if the collaboration was musical or inspirational, the release of Blonde and the 368-page Boys Don’t Cry zine last weekend confirmed it was simply a meeting of the minds.

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As one of the many fascinating elements of the latter project, which features everything from art to poems by Kanye and much more, the seven-page long interview between Based God and Frank captures their signature quirkiness as expound on a slew of topics that range from IPOs to strip clubs, chamomile tea, iThugs (internet trolls) and more. With so many choice quotes to pull from, here a few of our favorites below.

On how chamomile tea changed Lil B's life:

Lil B: I was at Starbucks I was getting over this cold naturally I was drinking chamomile tea every day. I don’t know what made me buy chamomile tea every day. I was like, I'mma buy this everyday just getting over this cold. I was going through the drive-thru every day and it was normal for me it became the normal thing so something told me to go inside Starbucks and something made me walk inside and I tried something new, I went and I said lemme try peppermint tea, which changed my life. Healed my cold asap. And I’m like, "Why the fuck I was so stuck on drive-thru chamomile tea, and something told me to try something new, and I did it and it felt amazing, and that was my new breakthrough, and when I did it a thought came to my head, and it was about manhood and lifehood and seeing how it’s not easy for anybody, like our parents, because they were all our age and they all were just acquiring habits of living, and I was just trying to live when I was buying this chamomile tea every day, I’m like I’m livin, just surviving the day, we’re not perfect.

On the 'Based Way' to making music:

Lil B: I come from the traditional sense of music and I did that and I do that, that's what I love doing. I love that. Getting in the studio like where we at right now and doing what we doing, this is what I love. This is legendary. Also I come from making music however it comes because you know it's motherfuckers that need the music because that's all they got and that's what they got. You know we not worried about if it's for club quality. We gon play that full blast in our car or full blast at the house, and shit the club gon play it too, eventually, you know what I'm saying? The hood parties you know, or the local, the local parties or the people gon fuck with you. You know the people gon make that. (Runner brings in a bottle of Johnnie Walker).

On IPOs:

Frank: You know they'll have that ass on the Johnnie Walker advert.

Lil B: You gotta put that away, look, if you got some stock in it I'm fuckn w you.

Frank: I don't even know if they did the IPO like that. Nah they over there in Scotland. They got the address on the box right here. We should go see em.

Lil B: So, look you gotta tell me, cus you be saying words I don't even know. IPO, what does that mean?

Frank: IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, it's when a company makes their product available for trade on the stock market. When they 'go public' so to speak. This comes with letting people know your business, like you gotta tell your shareholders how you did that quarter of that year, you know? You've got people to answer to.

Lil B: Like why that drop?! Your investment niggas might fake on you. OG like 'Oh, you dropped five percent... I'm leaving,' and you like 'I thought you fucked with me, I thoughtu was my patna?' he like, 'Hmm...'

Frank: It's true though, fiscal responsibility. You've got a board. You could get kicked off the board even if you started it!

Lil B: That shit's crazy, bruh. Mikey: They tried to get Bill Gates in trouble, because when he took Microsoft public he bought 35 percent of the shares. He wasn't supposed to do that. I think you're only supposed to be able to get a quarter.

Frank: He needed that.

Lil B: That's bossed up. So what would be the motivation of making your stock public and then buying 35 percent of it, if you already own it?

Frank: I don't know. More money equals more control I guess.

Lil B: I'm 'bout to force myself to start loving money.

On dealing with internet hate:

Lil B: The scary thing is that some of these people are serious. (Laughter) that's what's scary. The comments give people the chance to say something anonymously, to put whatever they want, frustrations, anything. They could've come back from a long day and just wanna let loose on somebody. This is a real experiment, and it shows you how people are. I know you've heard about the experiment where they test people to see if they would beat up someone who's in jail, and they see if the people would shock someone else if they had the chance and the other person wouldn't know. People were actually shocking other people if they did something wrong, because you didn't see them. They would shock them, but if you could see them, then they weren't doing that. It's a scary thing when you feel like you don't have to see anybody or you have these layers of protection.

Frank: That's the real them. That's the real person. At the same time though, people are complicated to the point that nobody is any one thing. Given the opportunity you could be five different Brandons and I could be five different versions of myself—or more. Five is an arbitrary number. The internet is just another experiment showing us more sides of us.

Lil B: You'll see some girl in the street who's really nice but on the internet is hating. (Laughter)

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