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New Music Roundup: BANKS, Ta-Ku & Wafia, Jazz Cartier & G0D$ GABRI3L

Electro-R&B and reflective rap.

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BANKS, "Gemini Feed"

Earlier this week, BANKS tweeted out (without context) an uninterrupted string of letters that, when separated and broken down, we assumed could be a lyric off her upcoming album. Turns out, we were right; "Just admit it/ that you wanted me smaller/ if you woulda let me grow/ you coulda kept my love" comes off of new track "Gemini Feed." (As does another lyric that clearly gave the album its name, The Altar.) The SOHN-produced track kicks off with warm bubbly plucks and a contrasting drum thrash, and BANKS starts to sing in her usual captivating way, like a witch casting a spell. But where she shows us that she can still surprise us is on the chorus. The pace picks up with synths and she starts delivering in a vocal register higher than we're accustomed to hearing, but she's still unapologetically telling it like it is to some sad soul: "And to think you would get me to the altar/ like I'd follow you around like a dog that needs water."—Danielle Cheesman

Ta-Ku & Wafia, "Love Somebody"

I was a huge fan of Ta-Ku and Wafia's "Meet in the Middle." And their new song, "Love Somebody," has some of the same instrumental elements: a rumbly, fuzzy opener; a percussive tick and thump. But the piano is what makes all the difference on this one. If its keys and chords are too bright and peppy, and Wafia's vocals too sweetly unaffected, wait for Ta-Ku to take over the second verse. There's an airy croak to his voice that gives the song some grit. I still think the two sound best when singing simultaneously though, harmonizing together. Their collaborative album media(n) drops Friday (August 5).—D.C.

Jazz Cartier, "Just In Case"

To cap off July, Toronto rapper Jazz Cartier has released his latest track "Just In Case." Over a jazz-like, brass-filled instrumental by longtime collaborator Lantz, Cartier raps about his past and current revelation. In the song, he recognizes who he is becoming as a person, for worse to some degree though. He touches on this by rapping, "I'm not an honorable man/ I am a liar, I am a cheat/ I am becoming my dad." Even with this realization, he won't allow the haters to get at him. Just in case they didn't know. —Erin Ashley Simon

G0D$ GABRI3L, "Cita"

G0D$ GABRI3L is the first artist, that I know of, who has managed to rap about Jesus, Rome and Pikachu in the same verse. If you think I'm kidding, go and listen yourself. Either way, he did it in a way that wasn't ridiculous or forced. I actually did a double take when I heard the name of the popular Pokemon character. Like, a big skrt skrt moment. But after re-evaluating, I actually liked it. Besides that, G0D$ GABRI3L has a nice flow that matches well with this calming melody. And the positive lyrics are all about how to treat a woman right. Thank you G0D$ GABRI3L!—E.A.S

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