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The #POTUSPlaylists prove Barack has amazing taste in music, but you knew that

While people are mad about Malia Obama smoking weed, her dad is out here dropping slow jam playlists.

DJ-in-Chief Barack Obama released his summer playlists today (August 11) with an amazing tweet that let us know he was unconcerned with both the Trump foolishness in the world and your opinion on his oldest daughter. More important, the coolest president we've ever had said this was the encore to the playlists he dropped last summer, so he was basically just giving the streets what they wanted.

"Been waiting to drop this: summer playlist, the encore," he wrote. (We wonder what else Barack has been waiting to drop...)

Here's the daytime lineup:

And this one's for the nighttime ;) ;)

The REVOLT staff has some thoughts:

This that Martha’s Vineyard music flow. —Jayson Rodriguez

First of all, he led with Wale, and one of his more go-go sounding tracks at that. O-Beezy got the funk in his soul. Second of all, he put that Redman/MJB "I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need" on there, which means Michelle is a ridah. "Classic Man" is a little on the nose, but applicable. Of all the songs in Jay Z's catalogue, however, he picked "So Ambitious," which speaks volumes. Last note: This brotha slid babymaking standard "Say Yes" on there, which means Barack be puttin' in WERK. Did anyone check Michelle's edges today? —Driadonna Roland

1) I love that fact that he said "Been waiting..."

2) We need more hip-hop, Mr. President. lol

3) I know some of these had to be political adds — Prez ain't banging Caetano and Courtney Barnett

Rashad Drakeford

And here are the original day and night #POTUSPlaylists from summer 2015. Last year, he was rocking with Beyoncé, Coldplay, Frank Sinatra and more.:

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