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Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight bonded again over a 3-hour conversation

The rapper recalled how getting caught slipping led him to reconnect with the Death Row boss.

Anthony Boreland // REVOLT

Snoop Dogg is a forgiving man. After Suge Knight threatened him and wanted the rapper dead, the Long Beach rapper was still able to reunited with his former label head. That's the story Snoop told The Breakfast Club on Thursday morning (August 11) when he stopped by. The long-ranging conversation touched on his Death Row days, his and Game's recent summit with the LAPD and his legacy: "I want to be known for all the great things I do outside of rap."

Watch the 40-minute interview here and check out some highlights below.

On reuniting with Suge Knight

"[We] real cool. We had a long 3-4 hour conversation one time. When I seen him, I was kind of slipping, doing what I wasn't suppose to be doing. And he slid up behind me and instead of me reacting the wrong way, I just went into my regular mode and I'm gonna lay up boo to the side and me and you can go upstairs and meet. And we got caught up on some real love. Cause it was never that he never hated me, I just think he was disappointed that he couldn't control me. When you got a record label and you got artist—and I've don’t this before—you want to control of that artist. But some artists deserve their own lane and you got to give it to them."

On his and Game's peaceful protest and meeting with Los Angeles police

"The morning before hit happened, Game had hit me and he was on a 100. He was hot and I was hot. We was just mad at all the violence that was happening against these innocent people by the police. So, I was ready to do whatever. I was basically following his lead. I felt like it's young man's game and he's younger than me, and he's gonna take the lead and I'm gonna follow this soldier. When he hit me back I told him, look, I don't want you to overreact and think about everything you want to do. Put a real plan together and I'm with you. He went and made a call to Farrakhan and got his things together. He hit me back at about 3 in the morning and was like meet me here at 5 in the morning. He didn't say nothing else. I didn't know anything going on so I was ready to go to war."

Snoop laughed because he was dressed for a rough time, but then recalled how Game gave an inspiring speech saying he wanted to re-introduce himself to police and vice versa. It just so happened that a new class of rookies were graduated, so then their plan evolved. They met the cadets and later had a private meeting with the captain of police and the mayor.

On Mary & Jane and his TV ambitions

"I'm just trying to get my hands involved in a lot of things in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Because I love what's happening right now with our hip-hop stars, how we take a step and put on a whole running system. For example, Will Smith, Ice Cube and even 50 with Power. I been begging him to get on Power. I told him I'd even get killed on the first episode. I love the angle he's taking, he took a step back from music and put his focus on TV and made one of the best show on TV now. That's what I'm trying to do, I'm trying to add more to my legacy by doing things outside of this rap thing."

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