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To all the fashionistas that want to look like a Kardashian

An open letter about individuality.

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Some of us love the Kardashians, like Kanye West, while others can't stand them, like Amb...nevermind. Whatever your opinions are about the family, one thing is for certain: they are marketing geniuses, or maybe that's just mama Kris.

Anyway, since their introduction to millions of homes across America, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie have become a source of inspiration for many young women. But don't be fooled; in the beginning, they were more of a hot mess than best-dressed. See?

Sorry Kendall and Kylie you're guilty by association, but you just needed more time.
Sorry Kendall and Kylie you're guilty by association, but you just needed more time.

But as time has progressed they've become a go-to source for both beauty and fashion inspirations. Though they're known for flaunting expensive coats, bags and shoes, they occasionally bring themselves back to our earth with an affordable dress or two you might spot on your Explorer page. These basic looks have spawned an undeniable trend for the frugal, fashionable style maven. But that, in turn, has now made it that much harder to the competition to stand out.

Kanye West poses for Balmain's latest campaign

Unfortunately, unless you have serious money like Insta-blogger UpCloseAndStylish, these girls pretty much all look the same. You know the type: 35k followers (at minimum), an all-neutral wardrobe, a 'beat' face for the gods, a couple of plain Yeezy knock-offs, but if she's fancy she's wearing something designer. She's the one giving you all the hot tips on her favorite shops and on how to paint your face to perfectly imitate one of the Kardashians. (It's always most likely Kim.)

From Left: UpCloseAndStylish, Amrezy, SydneyFashionBlogger, MicahGiannelli
From Left: UpCloseAndStylish, Amrezy, SydneyFashionBlogger, MicahGiannelli

Now one thing we do agree with Kanye on is that his wife Kim has proven to be one of the most influential women of our time, but what inspires you all to look EXACTLY THE SAME? For those of you who run businesses, why work with brands your competitor is already promoting? Okay, maybe they have cute stuff you want, fine, but then where is your personality? Why is it that each and every single one of you never seeks to add anything to your look in a way that makes it uniquely different? Take a look at the evidence.

Kamilla Osman

Hey, adidas and IKEA, Kanye West wants to talk to you

There is a Michaels or a Jo-Ann's Fabric and Craft store just about everywhere you go, so get some trimmings and add some flair to these basic fits. Better yet, work with accessory designers that will elevate your look and set you apart from the rest. We understand the formula works, but since when has "who wore it better?" been #goals? There was a time when if a girl had your same dress on at any event, we'd be mortified! Now ladies are getting together with an entire squad that looks just like they do.

I'll tell you this much: it's that one jezebel who's not afraid to ruffle some feathers that'll have the whole room's attention among a sea of clones. All we're saying is there is a lot of inspiration out here—find your own.

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