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"Power" Episode 303: That Moment When...

Kanan returns, Holly's pregnant and more OMG moments.

Power never disappoints. In Episode 303, there's a new sheriff in town — but she ain't exactly Officer Friendly. Dreamgirl Anika Noni Rose enters the series with a bang as a crooked cop with an allegiance to — surprise! — Kanan, who is recovering with his eyes set on vengeance. Tommy and Tasha reunite for a new business venture, this time with weave as their front; Ghost is presented with a potential business opportunity for his nightclubs; and Holly, who no one trusts, discovers that she's pregnant.

But as you know, this isn't a summary. Here, the Power recap crew takes you through all the most shocking moments.

That moment when Jukebox said, “You already triggered the alarm? I wish you hadn’t done that. Shoot this motherf--ka!”

The first three minutes pop off unexpectedly with the introduction of Kanan’s cousin, Officer LaVerne “Jukebox” Ganner. This is the first time we'll see Kanan since being scorched by Ghost, needing meds for pain management and not having full use of his facilities — not to mention getting punked by some wannabe street hustler who has no idea who Kanan is. He will definitely pay for his smart remarks sooner than later. Kanan’s confession of killing his own son, Shawn, and Jukebox's co-sign on his move makes this future alliance rock solid...or so we think. Anything can happen now that Kanan has the “law” on his side. Felicia Stokes

The introduction of last night’s episode was outrageous. The moment Anika Noni Rose (Jukebox) entered the convenient store and said the words “shoot this motherf--ka” and proceeded to kill both the robber and store clerk, I was glued to my television screen. Although I wasn’t surprised to see Kanan being nursed back to health under her care, I will say that I’m scared to see what’s to come now that Kanan and Jukebox plan to come together to take Ghost down. —Amber Mackie

That moment when Holly was holed up in the bathroom checking that pregnancy test.

That look on her face, which expressed dread and a resignation that she’d be trying to bring a life into this world when her life is on the line. But, this being Power and the struggle being the power of the P vs. the power to flex, she may end up withholding info from Tommy that could deliver her the end result she really wants: Tommy in charge, money in the bank and a family to raise. —Jayson Rodriguez

Tommy the family man? We all know that Tommy is thirsty for a family of his own; that is why he showed up for Tariq, because he is a “great uncle” or wannabe father. Will Holly use the pregnancy as financial security at the risk of Tommy removing her from the “operation” to protect her and the baby? Tommy likes to make rash decisions, which leads us to believe the minute she tells him, he will want a shotgun wedding. He can’t be tried again under Angela’s investigation, but if things get raggedy along the way and he gets pinched again, will making Holly "Mrs. Egan" further protect all three of their futures? Or will Tasha the “nanny” be taking her to the clinic? —FS

That moment when Tariq found Angela's gun and then got caught with it at school.

I think my favorite line from the entire episode was when Angela said to Ghost, "I guess snooping through my stuff is hereditary." On an obvious level it's a huge issue for a kid to bring a gun in to school, but even beyond that Tariq may be acting out on purpose because of Ghost's absence. PLUS this further fully solidifies that Angela isn't the greatest agent in the world by any means. Angela is still very curious to see what Greg Knox knows and with Ghost moving back in with the family, I see a lot more trouble in paradise. Lastly Tariq really should have got his a-- beat, but hey man that's not my kid! —Lawrence K. Jackson

"Power" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Starz.

That moment when..."Power" Episode 302 edition

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