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Lil Uzi Vert's 'The Perfect Luv Tape': First Thoughts

Uzi delivers your new favorite soundtrack.

Atlantic Records

You ever listened to a science fiction fan breakdown or try to convince someone why a film like "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones," for example, is great? In every scenario, the end result is usually the same. The fan comes out of that said conversation with added pride, while the other person continues to struggle with understanding the excitement. This is a weird way to kick off a Lil Uzi Vert review, but in many ways, it coincides with all the buzz behind the Philly kid with the odd melodies and gleeful trap voice. It’s hard to explain. Since breaking out with Luv is Rage last October, the rapper who puts the R in Rad, amassed a rabid fanbase that grows bigger by the day and it’s due to music that is just out of the norm.

Sure, a song like "Money Longer" could easily be placed into the trap category, but there’s a level of infectiousness behind Uzi’s music that allows him to stand out amongst his peers. The guy can piss out a catchy song at ease. Records like "$ub Zero," "4 7am," "So Hit" ("Met the plug right in the diner," he raps) or even his master hook on Future’s "Too Much Sauce" are proof of his gooey appeal. And while his music typically warrant flexing and mosh pits, Uzi exudes a radiant versatility that allows his tunes to contain brush strokes of pop, rock and hip-hop.

For outsiders seeking to understand the sensation behind the youngster , along with the hype behind fellow members of this new breed of oddball rap stars (Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti), it’s either you do or you don’t. "I am not from this earth like Invader Zim," he raps on "High Roller," a song off his April released mixtape Lil Uzi Vert Vs. The World. That said project has generated over 134 million plays on SoundCloud. The project before that? Luv is Rage, released in December, amassed just about 62.4 million plays. That’s one heck of a leap. For his latest, The Perfect Luv Tape, expect nothing but incline for Lil Uzi Vert, all while the debates concerning his artistry continue to generate chatter.

With enough bangers to soundtrack a day party in the summer, check out a few of the our favorite standouts from The Perfect Luv Tape below.

"Alfa Romeo AW30 (I Can Drive)"

"Rocking Thrasher, so I'm Rad now," raps Uzi as he surfs over the titling DP Beatz production. Boasting about his wealth and how he could "drive fast" (peep the song title), this record is an early favorite that finds the gleaming appeal of Uzi on full display like numbers on the dash. Vroom...

"Erase Your Social"

Over delicate keys and a brooding backdrop, Uzi does "what I want" while explaining why he doesn't deal with social media as much, specifically Snapchat. "I don't got no Snapchat homie, I think it's too personal / That's what I got Twitter for," he raps. In between explaining his reasoning, the Philly rapper also finds time to dish out a couple brags of course. "This is my world so it's all in my favor." The poppy production and Uzi's lilting voice makes this all the more of a standout.

"Seven Million" ft. Future

Picking up where they left off on "Too Much Sauce," Uzi and Fewtch set this banger ablaze. Closing out the tape in top form, it's hard not to hit repeat on this cut before letting the whole tape loop once more. "Addicted to my flex, you can't forget about me," raps Uzi, while Future tags in with "See I'm dripping on your b*tch, don't forget about me." It's a boastful anthem that should ring out on stages, car speakers, and, as you're reading this, your phone/computer right about now. Skrt, skrt.

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