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Wale responds to critics: "I BEEN speaking up on this stuff"

The rapper raised interesting points about what people expect from celebs.

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It's rare for Wale to let a social media slight roll off his back. The rapper defended himself Friday (July 8) on Instagram, when someone left a comment on one of his photos asking, "Sooo Wale when are you gonna speak on what's happening to our people sweety?"

The commenter went on to say that she's a fan who responds when Wale asks people to support his music, but he appears to be "unbothered" while people are hurt over recent fatal police shootings. She went so far as to give him a deadline of "12 this afternoon" to release a video or "drop something" to use his platform to speak up for black men.

Wale responded by letting her know that he has made several songs about injustice and marched in Baltimore after Freddie Gray's death. But he also raised interesting points over people's expectations from celebrities. "Celebrity is a stupid thing and it got some ppl thinking we are super heroes," he wrote. "Many celebs are tryin to capitalize on crisis for attention. It's a touchy subject often times."

To his point, where is the fine line? How do you know when a celebrity is genuine or trying to take advantage of a situation that can generate buzz? Does it matter whether artists speak for us in times of injustice if they have a history of doing so through their work?

Wale's defense gives the impression that he's frustrated and trying to sort through his feelings just like everyone else. He questioned what more he could add to the conversation that hasn't already been said, and said he shouldn't be faulted for not having answers. His full caption is below:

"I make DCorNothing. Nobody say anything .

I make Pessimist w/ Cole NOBODY says anything .

I went to march in Baltimore and spoke to the young brothers n sisters out there again.. Nothin.

Now please help me understand. I'm just a frustrated as everybody else .. I made several comments about it yesterday. But at this point what can I say now that hasn't been? That I haven't already? Celebrity is a stupid thing and it got some ppl thinking we are super heroes . Many celebs are tryin to capitalize on crisis for attention . It's a touchy subject often times .. But please I'm Tryna be positive in these trying times and it's like some ppl think there's a problem with not having the answers. This shit is bigger than me or any of us . I BEEN speaking on this stuff."

And here is the post:

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