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Drake, Jesse Williams, T.I. and more react to shooting death of Alton Sterling

"Something has to happen soon."

Kymmi Cee // REVOLT

Alton Sterling is the 558th person, and 135th African American, killed at the hands of police this year.

According to The Guardian, the 37-year-old father of five who was gunned down by police outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after selling CDs, is the latest statistic in what has become a plague of police brutality against minorities in America. To make matters worse, the fatal shooting was caught on video, sparking outrage around the country as the latest trail of blood on the concrete mirrors that of previous incidents that involved other black men killed on camera by cops, such as Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, Laquan McDonald and Walter Scott.

Baton Rogue Police Kill Black Man During Arrest, Protests and Social Media Erupt

Because this is such a distinctive issue that only continues to build after each and every publicized incident (with a slew of others that fall under the media scope), the feelings of anger, outrage and frustration were thick as the summer's heat today, with many sounding off on social media. While this is typically the case for just about every news report, the sentiments shared by rappers Fabolous, Game, Big Pooh, Meek Mill, and Tip, as well as activists like Jesse Williams were necessary , as they each shared their personal perspectives on not just the incident but the repetition of such events.




Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97



Big Pooh

"So where do we go from here? Really. How do we make real change? Don’t tell me another march. Don’t tell me another petition. Don’t tell me another hashtag. How do we make real change?

_"I wanted to believe in those voted into public office. Somebody gave their life for my right to vote. I am then forced to watch as many get into office and can easily be purchased. Every one is for sale, and if they can’t buy you out, they will force you out. I want to believe in the judicial system but how can you believe in a system where some judges are receiving kick backs for sentencing youth and giving people of color max sentences for petty crimes, if they committed any crime at all. We have watched them continue to cut school budgets that mainly affect lower income communities and schools, only to see them spend billions on more prisons. Now, everyday we wake up, we are viewing someone’s cell phone footage of life being taken away in cold blooded murder by those sworn to serve and protect the very same communities they pillage.

"It’s crazy that a whole fraction of us, Americans, wonder if we are going to make it home at night. We don’t fear erratic drivers. We don’t fear random acts of violence in random places. We don’t fear many health concerns. We fear a system that was never designed for us to survive in. The government is a part of that system. The banks are a part of that system. The courts are a part of that system. Those sworn to protect and serve are a part of that system. I don’t care how distracted they try to keep you, if you don’t see it, it’s because you choose not to." via Medium


Meek Mill

Jesse Williams

Joey Badass

Bernie Sanders**


Dev Hynes/Blood Orange

Kelly Rowland


Chuck D

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