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Idris Elba on playing villains and what it means to "look with your ears"

The "Star Trek" actor breaks down his DJ catchphrase and more in a sit-down with REVOLT.

Idris Elba stars in the newest tale of adventures about the Enterprise, Star Trek Beyond. Nearly unrecognizable as super-villain Krall, Elba undergoes a complete transformation to portray an alien hellbent on, you know, vengeance and the destruction of the world.

"Star Trek Beyond": a review by someone who has no idea WTH "Star Trek" even is

But as Elba has been doing since his days as Stringer Bell, he manages to imbue humanity and nuance into the "bad guy." Krall's a complex guy, and if you hear him out, you just might understand his anger. Elba is a master at playing characters who blur the lines between good and bad, and as he told REVOLT, that's the fun of it. "The writing for good guys tends to be a little more 'tic the box for the audience,' and the bad guys tend to be 'let's shake the audience up.'"

REVOLT got the multitalented heartthrob's thoughts on his other passions as well. The house DJ and producer breaks down how it feels to rock a crowd of thousands of people and his catchphrase "Look with your ears." And we play a fun game called "Good Guy, Bad Guy." See it all below:

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