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Action Figure Face-Off: Public Enemy and Daft Punk get the toy treatment

The groups are forever immortalized.

Nearly three months after it was announced that Pharrell would forever be immortalized as an action figure—not that he needs it because he appears to be aging backwards—both Public Enemy and Daft Punk are receiving the same treatment.

Chuck D (who has since joined supergroup Prophets of Rage), Flavor Flav, Professor Griff, and Terminator X stay true-to-form in…toy form: Chuck's hand balled into a "Fight the Power" fist, Flav's oversized signature accessory still hanging from his neck, Griff in militant gear, and X with his high-top fade.

The toys, designed by Ed Piskor, author of Hip Hop Family Tree, will be sold as a box set that is scheduled to be released September/October via PopPress Inc. and Aggronautix.

Daft Punk will also receive their own set of action figures. The electro-duo already got one doll dedication, back in 2012, in which the toys wore the outfits from the musicians' Random Access Memories album. But the newest figures depict the two men in their Discovery album gear—complete with LED-lit helmets and all.

Created by Medicom, the same Japanese company that designed Pharrell's figure, the toys are about 12" tall, cost over $250 per figure, and are due out in May 2017.

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