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Here's all the geeky gems from San Diego Comic-Con 2016

Yes, the Black Panther cast is finally confirmed!

As expected, Comic-Con 2016 took the San Diego by storm this weekend and, in the process, managed to blaze up the internet with gems of all sorts. The annual four-day geek session offered up some new casting announcements and brand-new trailers, building the hype for what lies ahead in the next couple of years.

Justice League Teaser Debuts

After making their debut in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg will join Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman in uniting for the first time ever on the silver screen. Zack Snyder’s upcoming film will find our heroes pitted against the villainous Steppenwolf and his Parademons in the search for three mystery items known as Mother Boxes. Judging by the surprise teaser, Snyder’s third directorial effort within the DC Extended Universe will retain the dark atmosphere present in most of his films, although this time around the humor has been kicked up a few notches. Nonetheless, Justice League is one of the more anticipated superhero films coming from the genre.

Wonder Woman

By no means should this be considered a fanning of the flame war between Marvel and DC, but it should be worth noting that while Marvel has been skating with critically and financially successful films in their cinematic universe, they have yet to release a picture led by a superheroine. Luckily, DC's got you covered... and this is ain't your grandmother's Wonder Woman. Equipped with her sword, shield and lasso of truth, the Amazonian Diana Prince joins forces with an American pilot to help prevent the historical World War I. Gal Gadot returns as the titular character, with Star Trek's Chris Pine as pilot and eventual love interest Steve Trevor.

Black Panther Casting Confirmed

Entertainment Weekly

It would be an understatement to say Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa/Black Panther appeared in Captain America: Civil War — he stole the show! His own solo adventure, however, has been in the works for some time but after a few shuffles in the schedule, the Wakandan king will return to the big screen in February 2018. In the duration of Marvel's presence at the Con, the supporting cast for Ryan Coogler's film was finally unveiled. Heartthrob Michael B. Jordan will serve as the film's primary antagonist, Erik Killmonger, a would-be conqueror with a deep hatred for T'Challa. Oscar winner Lupita N'yongo will fill the role of Nakia, a member of the militarized personal bodyguards to Black Panther, known as the Dora Milaje. Finally, The Walking Dead and All Eyez On Me actress Danai Gurira will play Okoye, a fellow member of the warrior women.

Brie Larson Is Captain Marvel


DC may have the jump on female superheroes, but that didn't stop Marvel from raising their own stakes. While it was rumored for sometime, over the weekend the studio officially announced that 26-year-old Academy Award winner Brie Larson (Room) would play the title role of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. The character made her first appearance on the page in 1968 and throughout the decades has grown to become one of Marvel's most iconic characters. With an Armed Forces background, Danvers' powers include superhuman strength, flight and the ability to shoot blasts of energy from her fingers. It is believed that the hero will appear in other films prior to starring in her own in 2019.

Kurt Russell Is Ego the Living Planet

Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket are set to return for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 next summer, and even though story details are being kept under wraps, a subplot will include the search for Quill's father. Snake Plissken himself, Kurt Russell, joined the cast in the role of Quill's unearthly father. It has since been revealed that the actor will play Ego, the living planet. Exactly as he sounds, the planet is an intelligent being with the ability to control all of his "bodily" functions much like a normal person can. It's not exactly sure how a father-son relationship will be explored in the grand scheme of whatever it is the Guardians are getting themselves into, but following their critically lauded 2014 cinematic debut, fans can't wait for the next chapter in Marvel's intergalactic saga.

Kong: Skull Island

Warner Bros. was dropping trailers like hot potatoes over the weekend and to the satisfaction of many, their upcoming Kong: Skull Island preview was terrifyingly awesome. Set in the 1970s, a team of explorers shares the misfortune of entering the uncharted Skull Island, unaware that the mythical gorilla calls that same land his home. WB and Legendary Pictures are using the film as the second installment in their monsters franchise, behind 2014's Godzilla, in which we'll see the two duke it out in the future. Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, Corey Hawkins and Jason Mitchell co-star in Kong and is set to release in March.

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