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That moment when..."Power" Episode 302 edition

Featuring just the shockers, this is the only "Power" recap you need to read.

Whew! Episode 2 of the hit Starz show was a struggle. Ghost trying to skip into the sunset has interrupted everyone's program, and they're trying hard to maintain. Tommy's getting desperate and building new allegiances, Angela and Tasha come face to face, Ghost gets low-key played...but this ain't a summary, this is for the real fans who know the best part of Power is the OMG moments. Here, REVOLT staff takes you through the moments when our jaws hit the floor.

That moment when Holly went down on Tommy to distract him so she could grab that check again behind his back and try to cash it.

She would have cashed that check and ran back home with it, never to return again. I still don't buy in to her loyalty at all, and with Tommy's and her life being in danger, she's waiting for a cash out so she can leave him. Only a fool would try to cash an unsigned check that wasn't addressed to them. Holly is a nosy thief. —Lawrence Jackson

That moment when I tried to figure out what the f—k just happened

So Tommy, seemingly disappointed in himself for being unable to kill Ghost, decides that the only way to rectify his feelings of shame is to immerse himself in a cocaine binge. Which isn’t all that surprising. But what was surprising was what happened next. Poor Black Grimace, man; wrong place, wrong time. He rolls into the warehouse and makes one joke too many — which is, literally, just one — at the expense of high and heated Tommy and becomes the subject of his crosshairs, the mark he missed. An innocent Grim ends up on the receiving end of Tommy’s misplaced anger and, out of nowhere, he’s kicked, punched and skull-smashed. Well, that escalated quickly. —Danielle Cheesman

That moment when the rival club owners played Ghost like Pokémon Go.

He thought he had some new VIPs in his sight that he could snatch up, and they'd bring girls, good times and dollars to his new place. Instead he got caught flat footed. Sure, he may play the long game to strike back at them. But when Ghost is trying to navigate the streets and the corporate world it's usually the latter that pushes him over the edge (and those two in Italian suits look like this won't be the only time they play games), which causes him to hit hard in the former. That's where his power lies, for now. —Jayson Rodriguez

That moment when Tasha rolled up on Angela and gave her the fake mom stamp of approval.

I love how she played the size of the place and quickly warned Angela that she'll be stuck with the kids as long as she's with Ghost. It was still crazy though, because when Tasha leaves the sense of "control" or winning still seems to be in Angela's corner. —Cherisse McKenzie

That moment when Dre questioned Ghost about the bloody card that he found in Ghost's desk — I thought I would just die.

Being that Dre is supposed to be following in Ghost's footsteps, business wise, but has been mentored by Kanan in the streets, it's too hard to identify whether Dre will really stay loyal to Ghost in the long run. I expected Dre to keep his findings to himself, but it's clear he isn't holding back. Dre is so used to hustling and being in the streets that he's itching to do anything for Ghost if that means it'll allow him to go back to his ways. It was very clear that Dre's question caught Ghost by surprise because for the first time ever Ghost looked stuck. However, his mind your business and get back to work response didn't sit well with Dre and it's starting to show. Their relationship is really beginning to make me nervous. —Amber Mackie

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