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3 things to know about the "Survivor's Remorse" Season 3 premiere

It's the best show on Starz you're not watching.

Chances are you're going to watch Power on Starz this Sunday (July 24), but don't change the channel when it goes off! If you do, you'll miss Survivor's Remorse, the best show you're not watching. Loosely based on (and executive produced by) Lebron James, it returns for its Season 3 premiere with two new episodes airing at 10 p.m. EST.

Funny, tender, and superbly written, Survivor's Remorse is the story of young NBA star Cam Calloway, who just signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Atlanta's pro team. He carries his family on his back, but taking care of them while trying to enjoy his newfound fame and fortune — and feeling like he still isn't doing enough — is a tough balance for Cam. With his cousin Reggie as his manager, they've learned to navigate the business and matured together, but a terrible Season 2 cliffhanger has the potential to blow up those bonds and undo all their hard work.

Cam Calloway (left) and Reggie Vaughn
Cam Calloway (left) and Reggie Vaughn

Here's three things to know about the show ahead of Season 3:

1. Yes, it's a show about an athlete — but it's a lot more, too.

It's about family, love, relationships, and even what it means to be a man. We don't all have seven figures, but we can relate to some of those themes. "What I find interesting about working on the show is that you're able to see these people trying to be the best people that they can and yet, their humanity is constantly getting in their way," showrunner Mike O'Malley told REVOLT. "And I think that's the purpose of storytelling."

2. Uncle Julius's life is on the brink.

Season 2 ended in a cliffhanger as Uncle Julius, played by Mike Epps, got into a horrific car accident. While neither Cam nor his sister, M-Chuck, grew up with their fathers, Uncle Julius filled the role for them both. The family was torn up as they waited to receive news about his status.

3. Cassie is happy, but will it last?

Da Chen Bao (left) and Cassie Calloway
Da Chen Bao (left) and Cassie Calloway

The way Survivor's Remorse draws the women in its cast is just one more thing to love. From the beloved Tichina Arnold to rising star Teyonah Parris, their characters have rich storylines and deliver some of the funniest lines in the show, and are always treated with respect.

When we left Season 2, Cam's mother, Cassie Calloway, was embracing being in an interracial relationship with Shanghai business magnate Da Chen Bao. Arnold told REVOLT it was important to explore that relationship this season, saying, "I don't see too many black women being adored by billionaires, do you? But it happens, and people need to see it."

Here's more on what to expect in Season 3 from REVOLT's exclusive with the stars of Survivor's Remorse:

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