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Cardi B stands up for "Ghostbusters" star Leslie Jones on Instagram

"Nobody signed up to get their feelings hurt constantly."

Cardi B stopped by REVOLT Live today (July 20) in between stops on her first national tour. One of the things to love about the rapper and reality star is that she's never afraid to speak her mind, and that includes the way she empathized with comedian and actress Leslie Jones, who left Twitter after receiving racist attacks and abuse.

Cardi told REVOLT she understands how constant criticism from people on social media can wear down a person's self-esteem, which is why she showed her support for Jones.

Leslie Jones leaves Twitter after barrage of racist attacks & abuse

"I haven't really been on the spotlight for a long time, but things hurt me so much," Cardi said. "I always felt like I was perfect looking, I always felt like I needed a little titties and sh-t, but I felt good. But people keep telling me things, they depress me, it makes me feel so insecure about myself."

In her post, Cardi wrote that celebrities just want to share their talents with people, and should not have to be bullied for it. She echoed Jones' sentiments, who wrote, "As much as you want to think actors ain't human I want to give you something to think about. I work off pure passion for this game. I'm more human and real than you f—king think. I work my ass off. I'm not different than any of you who has a dream to do what they love."

Cardi B talks to REVOLT about her Underestimated Tour

Here's Cardi's full post:

"I hate when you in the public eye people make fun of you, violate you, or say so many rude and disrespectful comments. People just want to share there talents and what they good at nobody was born to get bullied. When I react to fuck ass comments people always tell me you signed up for this. No I didn't!!! Nobody signed up to get their feelings hurt constantly. I don't know why some people goals in life is to hurt others people feelings. Stay strong Leslie the Dick eaters will never stop. I sometimes find myself tearing due to mean things people say online."

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