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Tiffany Evans directs Fetty Wap in her new video "On Sight"

It's the perfect song for flirty summer fun, she tells REVOLT.

Tiffany Evans spoke with REVOLT on the release date of her hot new video, "On Sight." The song, featuring Fetty Wap, is a nice reintroduction for Evans, as the actress-singer-director-designer wants to catch people up to date: A lot has changed since her 2008 single "Promise Ring."

Here's 5 things we learned about the video, the lead single from Evans' EP All Me:

1. Evans says "On Sight" is the perfect soundtrack for carefree summer fun.

"'On Sight' reminds you of summertime, hair flying in the wind, flirtatious moments you might have when you go out and party with your girls," she said. "It's just a really fun song."

2. One thing people might know is her co-star, Fetty Wap, is a really nice guy.

"People have their perceptions of celebrities — especially when they soar like that, people think they're inaccessible," Evans said. "But he's humble, sweet, and someone I hope to work with again in the future."

3. She directed the video, and it's not the first video she's directed.

Outside of her own projects, she directed the visuals for the popular song "Poppin' Off" by WatchTheDuck. Eventually she'd like to direct on a larger scale, venturing into film and television.

4. But directing yourself does present some challenges.

"When you're directing your own video you can't watch as it's happening," Evans told REVOLT. "You have to stop between every take or every other take to make sure the energy is there, the facial expressions are correct...just all the details. Sometimes you can think you're communicating something and it's actually not reading well."

5. The song and the EP are a reflection of Evans' growth as a woman.

"I'm most definitely a grown woman — I've had two beautiful girls, been through some heartbreak as well as some happy moments — so it's all a representation of Tiffany the Woman," she said.

Watch the video for "On Sight" below:

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