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A day in the life of Capt Zerbin Singleton, USMC

"Once I put on that flight suit it's time to get the mission accomplished."

Americans celebrate those who make the United States all it is, in terms of its freedom and independence. That certainly includes the military men and women who have served, and those who actively serve, our country.

With this in mind, "Music Moves Me," seeks to honor those contributions and also highlight how, just like us, music inspires the few and the proud.

Here, United States Marine Corps Captain Zerbin Singleton, gives us a glimpse into a day in his life, to which he firmly begins by stating as soon as he wakes up in the morning, "It's go time... Once I put that flight suit [on], it's time to go to work and it's time to get the mission accomplished."

Singleton's job is to, in his words, protect "Marines on the ground" and make "sure they are safe," while piloting a Cobra attack helicopter.

He visits the gym almost daily to keep in peak condition to power through his tasks. "I try to run three days a week [and] lift four days a week," he explains about his equally strenuous workout schedule. "In the Marine Corps, we are expected to hold the highest expectations. Being physically fit is just another part of that."

Through it all, Singleton embodies the key values of the Marine Corps: honor, which he defines as "doing what is right all the time no matter the consequences"; courage ("Having that inner strength to overcome difficult situations," he says); and commitment.

Those, Singleton adds, will make you "a great Marine."

REVOLT tips its hat to you.

A soon as he wakes up in the morning "it's go time."

Brought to you by the United States Marine Corps.

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