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Major key alert: The Rock shares keys to success in Instagram takeover

Journey to greatness with the world's highest-paid actor.

No one thought in 1996 when "Rocky Maivia" made his WWF premiere that he would one day become the highest-paid actor in the world. Now better known as Dewayne Johnson, the charismatic leading man raked in $64.5 million last year. Most important, The Rock doesn't mind sharing how he went from nothing to something. Today (July 14) he is taking over Forbes' Instagram to take everyone along on his #ChaseYourGreatness journey.

In a series of posts, Johnson will share insights he's learned building — and rebuilding — his career.

In the first post of the day, he shared his philosophy on the power of choice. "Ten years ago I was told if you wanna make it in this business, you gotta be like Tom Cruise and Will Smith; they're the two biggest movie stars on the planet," Johnson said from his home gym. "And that just didn't sit right with me in my gut. I thought to myself, Well I can't be like anybody else, I gotta by myself."

Johnson said the choice he made a decade ago to be real helped him create a path for himself where there was none.

The second philosophy Johnson shared was the power of vision. He explained how he wanted to bypass traditional media and find a way to speak directly to his fans. He knew social media would be the wave, and now — with 59 millions followers on Instagram alone — his social savvy has become his number one marketing asset.

His third anchor was the power of teamwork. Johnson knew he wanted to be more than just an "actor for hire," so he surrounded himself with hungry, smart people with great business acumen in order to build his company, Seven Bucks Productions. It's named from the time in his life when, after being cut from the CFL and suffering from depression, all he had to his name was $7.

Next was the power of perseverance. The Rock said when low moments hit us, we have to decide whether to stay there or move forward.

The fifth philosophy — shared on the way to the Season 2 premiere of his HBO show Ballers, no less! — was the power of your gut. Johnson said your gut is your most trusted adviser.

If a man who went from $7 to nearly $65 million wants to share his philosophies on success, you probably should listen.

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