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Barack Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

He also thanked Bernie Sanders for his contributions to the Democratic party.

Hillary For America

Now that she's the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's next step is to unite her party after a long, hard-fought battle with U.S. Sen. Bernie Sander. President Barack Obama is lending her a hand. On Thursday (June 9), Obama formally endorsed his former U.S. secretary of state for president.

Earlier this week The Associated Press confirmed that Clinton is the presumptive nominee after she amassed enough combined delegates and superdelegates to notch her party's nomination.

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In a YouTube video that was posted on Hillary Clinton's Facebook, Obama lauded her credentials.

"I've seen her judgement, I've seen her toughness," he said. "I've seen her commitment to our values up close. I've seen her determination to give American a fair shot at opportunity, no matter how tough the fight was. That's what has always driven her and it still does. So I want those who have been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know that I'm with her."

Later in the video, Obama also announced his intentions to campaign for Clinton as she prepares to battle the Republic nominee, Donald Trump.

Sanders met with Obama at The White House and though the senator, as of press time, intends to take his campaign to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next month, the president urged him to help united the party. President Obama thanked the Brooklyn-born politician for his efforts in bringing attention to liberal issues such as income inequality and for rallying young voters to turn up at the primary elections. It's expected that Sanders will suspend his campaign soon and rally behind Clinton as the Democrats will look ahead to the general election and surrogates will begin to challenge Trump.

Watch President Barack Obama's endorsement of Hillary Clinton below.

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