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Vic Mensa agrees Justin Timberlake is "benefiting from using black culture"

Folks are still reeling from the singer's BET Awards mishap.

Hidenori Ryu Dengah // Hideryu Photography

Remember when Justin Timberlake tried to show his appreciation for Jesse Williams' BET Awards acceptance speech, but just ended up getting dragged on Twitter instead?

Well, Vic Mensa is siding with the journalist who called out JT in the first place for appropriating black culture.

Mensa appeared as a panelist on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore last night (June 29) and when asked about the controversy, for which Timberlake later apologized, the rapper called out JT's history of not being an advocate against the injustices black communities face, or in supporting their social movements.

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Mensa said, "Our problem here is that Justin Timberlake himself — you know — is definitely benefiting from using black culture for his sound, his dance moves, his dancers, and blowing up off of it. But if you roll down Justin Timberlake's Twitter for the past two years, which I just did, you see nothing that supports black people when it's more difficult, when there's a struggle. With everything that's going on, and everybody that’s been killed by police on camera in the last couple of years, there's no #BlackLivesMatter; there's no 'praying for Baltimore'; there's no 'praying for Flint,' you know, because that's a dangerous subject for him to touch. And we're not feeling him being down when it's beneficial to him, and turning a blind eye when it could be dangerous."

Mensa later clarified though that he was not bashing JT, but just "shedding some light on the idea of cultural appropriation."

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