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The Artist Who Inspired Kanye's "Famous" Video Calls It "A Feat Of Magic"

The "Sleep" artist calls Ye's new vid "brilliant and daring."

Guillaume Horcajuelo // epa

The artist responsible for inspiring Kanye West's much-talked about music video for "Famous," has a few thoughts on visual interpolation.

Vincent Desiderio, whose 2008 painting "Sleep" became the guiding light for 'Ye's latest controversial art piece, penned a first-person account on his reaction to the video, which he called "a feat of magic," as well as his experience meeting the rapper for the first time just hours before the "Famous" vid premiered inside the L.A. Forum in Inglewood, Calif.

"Kanye West's video demonstrates how art speaks the language of art, how visual codes people the artistic imagination, enlivening the matrix of possibilities that are always and everywhere about us, but barely perceptible to those who focus only on the surface," he wrote in the piece published by W.

Since the visual's premiere, many of the celebrities involuntarily featured in he infamous nude scene, have voiced their opinions, including Chris Brown, George W. Bush, and a rep for Ray J.

In his piece, Desiderio wrote about being invited to the L.A. Forum and being unclear as to why. The realization soon dawned on the artist once Kanye hit play on his laptop to unveil that "Famous" replicates the "Sleep" painting.

"Within seconds, the disturbingly familiar faces of a range of celebrities became clear. What was not clear was what in fact they were doing sleeping in the same bed," Desiderio wrote. "Had there been some agreement to pose together naked? That aside, why was every impulse to ridicule these people, some of whom (I won't name names) made my skin crawl, being tempered by a rising sense of empathy? Slumbering gods, they were, but also like babies or small children at the height of vulnerability."

As noted above, several celebrities have chimed in on the video, while criticism has come forth from Girls star Lena Dunham, who said "it feels informed and inspired by the aspects of our culture that make women feel unsafe even in their own beds, in their own bodies."

For more on Vincent Desiderio's thoughts on "Famous," check out the penned article on W.

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