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DMX Catches The Holy Ghost During His Breakfast Club Interview

This became one for the books when X spoke about his drug addiction.

Anthony Boreland // REVOLT

DMX stopped by The Breakfast club this morning (June 28) and the rapper might has well been kneeling at the pew. During the interview he spoke on a number of topics, including his hospitalization in February, his new baby on the way (no. 15!) and reuniting with Ja Rule.

DMX's "What They Really Want" Was A Masterpiece

While X was on the show for the premiere of his new single, "Blood Orange," from his comeback LP with Swizz Beatz, without a doubt what will be remembered most is when he spoke about battling his drug addiction and the status of his long-in-the works gospel project.

Take a look at some highlights and watch the full interview below.

On His Health Scare

My heart stopped for four minutes. I have asthma, I have all that. I'm playing sweet, cause, you know, I'm in different climates, all over the place, coming outside with the T-shirt on. But I don't really remember what happened at all. I walked outside to the car and my cousin said I tensed up and just dropped. Fluid in the lungs, that shit is no joke. You can die from asthma, it's not something to play with. I've had it for so long I pretty much just thug it out most of the time. Like, I'm good. Even now, I just wheeze a little bit. But people talk about out of body experiences, what I remember was blue jackets. I remember seeing, just blue and I saw this (mimics fighting) from maybe four or fight feet in the air. I woke up in the hospital and I don't know why, I wasn't alarmed.

On Having 14 Kids And One On The Way (And Nine Mothers)

Yes, yes, yes. You will remember my name! (Laughs.). I'm just like a dog, I sniff the ass and wag my tail.

On Reuniting with Ja Rule Recently

The first time was at the Hip-Hop Honors. I didn't realize he was sitting right behind me. I was like, That's my cue! I get up. I already seen his wife. Me being the person that I am, if I have a problem with you it's not gonna spill over, I'm not gonna act different to you. Draw the line, keep the lines, respect the lines. Bam. I already spoke to her. So when intermission came I got up to leave and I turned around and it was like silence. I don't know who extended their hand first but it was mutual. It's easy to be ignorant. A stupid motherfucker can be ignorant and do some dumb shit. But it takes a person of character and substance to instead do this. We shook hands and hugged. Everyone must have been watching. The whole crowd was clapping and everything.

On If He And Jay Z Have Squashed Their Beef

No. It could happen. As strong as I am, to walk around holding anger wears you down. I don't got time to be mad at anybody. I got too much to be focused on. I have 14 kids. That same energy I could put into trying to find time to do something, coming up with something to do, avoid their mothers at the same time. (Laughs.)

On Battling Drug Addiction

(He starts rapping "Lord We Thank You.")

When I wrote those words, I was living it at the time. I was like, God, if you do nothing else ever with me, show me, please, right now, how much you love me. Just show me. Because without that, I don't know how much longer I'm gonna make it. And then, I begged him. I was open, like, God please. He showed me that I have the ability to do something I never did. Even under those circumstances. Even in that frame of mind. I said, you know what, just because you doing that don't mean that the devil got you. I'm gonna show you. I don't think nobody has ever did that: wrote and recorded seven songs the same night. All gospel joints. God got the victory. And seven is the number.

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