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My Brag Different: Jay Z's Top Braggadocio Lines On "I Got The Keys"

Special cloth talk here.

"Brag" (verb): To say in a boastful manner

Alas, DJ Khaled has unleashed his hotly-awaited power collab "I Got the Keys," featuring none other than Future and Jay Z.

DJ Khaled Drops Jay Z & Future Single, "I Got the Keys"

With hype built up since the song was first teased back in April, the pummeling banger finds Hov talking that talk. While it's a far cry from what Khaled initially described as "Jigga in '96," the song certainly feels more like Hov in ’16. And that's not a slight.

Compared to the kind of talk he was dishing out 20 years ago (“Green like spinach, pop wines that's vintage / It's a lot of big money in my sentence”), 2016 Jigga's level of bragging is on a whole other level. No more Big Willie, that level game has since grown on to William. "My brag different," he makes clear on "Keys." So to paint that picture much clearer, we lined up some of the most braggadocios lines from Hov’s verse that prove he’s still got this under lock and key. Special cloth talk here.

"I been speedin' through life with no safety belt / One on one with the corner with no safety help/ I perform like Josh Norman, I ain't normal, ni—a"

"I got a bag for lawyers, like f—k ya charges / Hop out the courtroom like, 'What charges?' / Big pimpin' on your court steps, in case y'all ain't notice, I ain't lost yet"

Jay Z
Jay Z

"Real life, I'm like HOV / Real life, I'm life goals / In real life, they're like me? / In real life, I'm like no"

"My swag different, that bag different /My wife Beyoncé, I brag different / My baby Blue, I dream in color / That's too much flavor, I don't rap to suckas"

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