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YG Speaks On Getting Shot, DJ Mustard Fights And His New LP

The L.A. rapper gives up the goods on his latest, "Still Brazy."

Anthony Boreland // REVOLT

YG arrived to The Breakfast Blub early on Wednesday (June 22), straight from the blearport and sat with Bharlamange Tha God and Angela Yee to discuss his new album Still Brazy, his relationship with DJ Mustard and his preference for avoiding C's in spelling and pronunciation. Bheck out some highlights and watch the full interview below!

On Being Committed To Not Using C's And Putting In Songs

I mean, you got some dudes that start it when they young, at 14. It's regular for us, there's nothing to talk about. If you swaggin' like that, that's how you swaggin'. If you not, you not.

Turning To A Vegan

I been practicing vegan, I went vegan for like three, four weeks straight. Then I started moving around again. It's hard to stay vegan and eat right when you moving around so much. I been on that alkaline water heavy.

Just seeing our people getting cancer and dying from it and me hearing that the stuff we put in inside of us is what's causing this cancer. My people's grandma just died from cancer, it was like recent events. and I was like, damn. And I was asking around like, Where does this cancer shit coming from? And it was everything we eat, the processed food and that stuff we put in the food. Now? I feel good!

On His New Track "Who Shot Me?”

Yeah, I want and answer to that. I’m out here moving like I'm moving cause I don't know where that came from. We extra paranoid and we tripping on little stuff. And that ain't whoa. I don't like living like that, you feel me? Yeah, I'ma just gonna know, so I know how to move. It was a run up in the house type of situation, and them masks was on.

My people were like go holler at a therapist cause they know how I'm out here, how paranoid I am and I be tripping so hard that homies get mad sometimes. I be saying some wild stuff. I went but that don't work for me.

How Things Stand Between Himself And DJ Mustard

It was just internal homie stuff. We young dealing with success. Me, Ty and Mustard, we was all homies that came up in the game together before were popping. We were from the same clique. So us three together comes with a gang of young black males. When you have a gang of people around you and you dealing with success and money, when you have a gang of people in any situation, things are gonna get messy. This person is feeling this type of way, this person feels this type of way. It was all that. But I think, I know it was something that we were have to go through to get to the next level.

Finding His Voice In His Music

When I was working on the album, all this stuff was happening. And me and the homies be talking about it, me and Nip had conversations about how we need to do something. Especially after police was killing innocent people. We always talked about doing something about it, speaking up and protestesting.

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