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19 Artists Tupac Would Collaborate With In A Dream World

Matches made in thug heaven.

Tupac died 20 years ago, but thanks to his enduring influence, the conversation about his place in the current music landscape is never-ending. REVOLT TV set Twitter on fire when it asked fans, on the rapper's birthday, to imagine who the legendary artist would collaborate with if he were alive today.

Of course the Beyhive never misses an opportunity:

Some people just want to cry:

This person had a thesis statement:

This could be some classy shit:

The Poet meets the Dark Man...:

Some envisioned a DJ Khaled–esque collection of stars:

Not mad at it:

Oh, you want to make people mad, huh?

I guess...:

To live and die in L.A. or The Bay:

Um, explain:

The rookies get schooled by the vet:

This might have already happened in heaven:

This one, too:

One time for the ladies:

It could happen if Wayne puts that cup of lean down...

Pac and Rick Ross the Boss? Maybe:

Now that he's free, why not?:

We feel your enthusiasm:

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